Daughter in Law of Tricity on environment saving spree

TVC Logo Daughter in Law of Tricity on environment saving spree

The Voice of Chandigarh News:

IMG-1398Respected amongst employees and popularly known as Gunjan Maam, Mrs Gunjan Dewan was born in a middle class family in Delhi in 1976.

Her father late Sh Mahavir Singh Minocha had served in Delhi Police and mother is a housewife.

She lost her father during her school days and her uncle( Chacha Ji ) took care of their family like his own. After graduating from Delhi University, she got married to Ravi Dewan, an engineer by profession from Chandigarh. Very quickly she adapted to the new environment. She started her career as teacher and later worked as a consultant in a company.

Being the mother of two lovely kids, she devoted full attention to her family also.

Her husband has a transferable job, and they have lived in Pune, Mumbai and Delhi. On transfer from Mumbai to Delhi, she thought of starting her own venture with high ambitions for serving the society. She was encouraged by her husband to pursue her dreams.


With the objective of providing employment and reducing pollution, she started a dealership of electric scooters in Kalkaji with a friend as partner. Both the ladies took sales to new heights in the area. Though she faced lot of problems like no Nationalised bank ready to finance electric scooters, lack of awareness, availability of charging points, high rent, yet nothing could stop her. She is struggling hard and there is no looking back.

Along with her work, she gives full time to her family as well, creating a perfect balance between the two. Right from studies of her two children to household task, she is as devoted as any housewife.

To further use the potential of electric two wheelers, she came up with idea of app based electric scooter taxi in Delhi. It was like Henry Ford, who combined idea of assembly line to automobiles industry. She combined ideas of app based two wheeler taxis (already famous in many Indian cities), and replacement of petrol two wheelers with electric scooters. This concept is a blessing for Delhi, as excellent alternate means of transportation.

She approached many organisations and when the idea was shared with OLA- a taxi aggregator, they immediately became interested to get further details. After stringent tests on electric scooter and testing with real customers, it was found to be a good option. Then rose the requirement of the driver and the pillion rider to be insured. It took more than four months to convince insurance companies and finally The New India Assurance issued a policy on 23rd Nov’2017 to her newly formed company e2Vision.

e2Vision has already started providing employment. One of the recruited rider, Akshay Kumar narrated his story that when he came back from his native place, he was shocked to know that he is not having his job anymore. Fortunately he came to know about e2Vision and joined the mission.

Another team member Sumit Kumar, an Engineer who despite getting offers of much higher salary, is working extremely hard to make this mission accomplish the desired aim.

Customers enjoy the ride which is comfortable as Golf cart ride. Reena(Name changed) took selfie after the ride as she was happy to ride at reasonable cost and also saving the environment.

The team has started the crusade and many more milestones are yet to be accomplished.

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