The Musical Bonanza of Arif Lohar at Oakville Ontario Strengthens Social Fabric in Canada


The Musical Bonanza of Arif Lohar at Oakville Ontario Strengthens Social Fabric in Canada

By Sanjay Pahwa and H.C.Gera

01The Punjabis settled in Canada not only love food, drinks 1and hospitality but their adrenaline rush increases with a sudden burst of energy when it comes to enjoying the Folk Music. The musical bonanza of Arif Lohar6 delighted the enthusiastic music lovers on 17th June 2017 during the live show at The Meeting House, 2700 Bristol CIR, Oakville Ontario. The leading newspaper The Voice of Chandigarh was the supporting India Print Media partner for this memorable musical event.
ARIF FRESH FINALThe credit goes to Dream Team GTA along with Falcon Motor Xpress with its core members Sunny Bajwa, Tony Johal, Bindy Sarai and Satnam Sarai who organized this 2live show. It was an effort to make stronger Canada by strengthening the musical ties between the two countries rising above the political boundaries.
The Saturday Night Fever with this musical event in9 Ontario saw Indians in new spirits dancing to the tunes of Arif Lohar’s Jugni. The show thrilled everyone bringing cheerfulness all-around. Arif started as usual FullSizeRender (3)5with his traditional musical instrument ‘Chimta’ and engrossed the audience with his soul soothing folk songs. Never before in the history 4of Canada was such a big musical event organized in a meticulous manner by the members of Dream Team GTA and the Falcon Motor Xpress. The Thunderous applause at the end of each folk song filled the atmosphere forcing theFullSizeRender_4 (4) music lovers gluing to their chairs making them crazy to have more and more musical feat.
A brief chit chat with Arif Lohar shared that he inherited singing of folk songs and sufi music from his late father Alam Lohar. Smilingly Arif Lohar says “Fankar Rabb Banunda Hai Eh Kise FullSizeRender_1Academy Ton Nahin Bande”. He further says that folk singers can act like bridges between two countries in improving bilateral relations. Music has always united people 101everywhere. This truly happened when folk music spread happiness and feelings of brotherhood at the end of show.
The Voice of Chandigarh expresses gratitude for being a media partner of this never to be forgotten live musical event in Canada.

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