Everyone has a vision. We are always driven to accomplish and convert the same into reality. Somewhere in my subconscious mind I wanted to come closer to the people, the community at large. Believe me I also intended to serve them through such a medium which could identify their problems, their burning issues and relevant solutions. This is why I started my career as a journalist about 15 years ago. Having gained an experience in this field and spectrum of exposure to various national and international issues, finally I decided to start my own Newspaper. And thus the dream came true by having before you, “The Voice of Chandigarh”.

By and large life is full of ups & downs and so are the people who wish to share their happy and sad moments of life. Achievements and failures are part and parcel of life. We surely want a voice and a forum to raise all these varied aspects of life to vent away such uncontrolled feelings. But the biggest question is how? Friends after a deep thought I have come to a conclusion that starting a newspaper will be most appropriate step to begin with. Free Press is the fourth pillar of democracy where you can express your views and raise your voice fearlessly. Having a thought like this I ushered into a new era with your encouragement and emotional support. I have tried to give full justice to this new venture by not being biased to any one without personal gain. I do expect my esteemed readers to render cooperation and raise their voice and join me for the sake of truth and justice. My sole purpose is to address the grievances of the masses and find out a practical solution .We all want to have a peaceful life without much hassle, therefore my endeavour will be to maintain peace and tranquillity. Through this wonderful medium, I personally feel that words become voice only through “The Voice of Chandigarh”. Hope my friends not only from tri-city but also from adjoining states of Punjab , Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and other parts of the country will not only like it but shall definitely be part of it. After all “The Voice of Chandigarh” is your voice.

-Chief Editor The Voice of Chandigarh