Activate your taste buds for Innovative Summer Special Menu at The Great Bear in Chandigarh

Activate your taste buds for Innovative Summer Special Menu at The Great Bear in Chandigarh

The Voice of Chandigarh News | By H.C.Gera (Special Correspondent)

Photos By T S Bedi

Food, drinks, season & weather are perhaps interlinked. When we talk of summer months the first thing comes in mind is to relish something fresh & seasonal which has a soothing and cooling effect on the body. Believe me, the mere sight of such foods & drinks leads to salivation. Truly this happened when the team of The Voice of Chandigarh visited the Great Bear Kitchen & Microbrewery in Sector 26 Chandigarh.

Deb Dip Chatterjee, General Manager, the Great Bear greeted the team with a smile. While we were exchanging the pleasantries I could see the interiors of the Kitchen & the Microbrewery. The entrance presented the look similar to a warehouse. The last segment has a novel concept of wall garden with natural plants. This area is open to the sky with an exceptionally high roof.

While having a look of the Summer Special Menu we were informed about the specialty of each menu which complements with each other. To begin with, I tasted a small portion of watermelon & feta salad having basil mint, rucola leaves and romaine lettuce. This was indeed quite refreshing. Followed by citrus fruit salad with sweet lime, oranges and mixed greens with citrus emulsion & citrus rub. While tasting the delicacies of summer trail Mr. Deb Dip Chatterjee shared that he had 24 years of vast experience in Hotel industry. He has worked in Smoke House, Delhi for 5 years and then left for the USA and joined Hops & Grains in 2010. He is looking after the Great Bear Chandigarh and Hopes & Grains in Panchkula.

The other menu of Summer Special included Prawn Cocktail Salad which is served in Pani puri shell(Golgappa) with virgin bloody mary. Here speaks the innovation of summer trail. When tasted it exploded with great taste. Lest I forget Crispy Okra with lemon cumin dust is another mouth-watering food item. A small portion of Okra gave a lingering taste. Though Dahi Ke Kabab has now become quite common so nothing special about that. Dhania Pudina Murg tikka was full of Indian spices with fresh coriander activated the taste buds.

We were prompted to taste ‘Pepper-Lemon Chicken Romali Wrap’ which appeared to be like a Kathi-Kabab but given a twist with rumali roti. However, this was something different but tasty and filling with chicken was complete in itself.

The team had a round of Microbrewery where the process of fermentation of different types of beers was explained by Mr. Chatterjee.

Among the beers, the Microbrewery has Wheat beer with a large portion of wheat in addition to malted barley. Specialised strains of yeast are used to prepare the beer. This beer has a distinctively silky mouthfeel. Munich lager is a Dark German Lager Beer with low bitterness to taste. The Beer colour varies from Amber to reddish –coppery. This is because of the fact that specialized malt varieties are used which give fullness and roundness to the beer colour. Flavour and stability are achieved through slow & cold fermentation for making Munich lager beer. Bock is a strong lager of German origin. This beer has smooth taste rich and toasty with a hint of Caramel.

To give a new taste the Great Bear has come up with Paan Beer. This was a new taste but I still stand with Munich Dark Beer.

The ambience of Microbrewery was a hub of activities with quite hustle & bustle. The foreign customers, young boys & girls and families were enjoying the ‘summer special menu’. Earlier the Great Bear had organized Cricket Fever Special with lots of drinks, Appetizers, Salads and Desert.

The simple yet sophisticated gourmet is incomplete without a dessert and the menu is sparkling with Fresh Mango Panna Cotta. My sweet tooth compelled me to taste a small portion which contained mango flavour, set in Italian custard with blueberry compote.

The special summer menu shall remain up to July end. Go & enjoy the specialties of innovative foods & drinks at the Great Bear Sector 26 Chandigarh.

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