Announcement of 66th TAAI Convention 2022 Colombo 19th to 21st April 2022

Announcement of 66th TAAI Convention 2022 Colombo 19th to 21st April 2022

The Voice of Chandigarh News: 24th February, 2022 at Colombo, was a great day for the Travel & Tourism Industry to witness the MOU SIGNING CEREMONY & Exchange between TAAI & Sri Lanka Tourism Bureau (SLTPB) & Sri Lanka Association of Inbound Tour Operators (SLAITO) in the presence of the Hon. Minister of Tourism, Govt. of Sri Lanka along with Chairperson Sri Lanka Tourism.

For over a year there have been discussions between TAAI & SLAITO to organize the TAAI Convention in the most beautiful island Sri Lanka and the impressive city of Colombo. Sri Lanka is a neighbor country & is connected from 9 destinations of India.

The feeling of once again travelling internationally, post covid, is adrenalin flowing in your veins. The close proximity of Sri Lanka & the opportunity to promote regional tourism is the need of the hour to strengthen bi-lateral relations, develop trade, investments & tourism, to experience the serene beauty of an evolving destination like Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau as the major sponsor along with Sri Lanka Association of Inbound Tour Operators have assured us of their support to the Convention.

The Convention would be rich in its content as well as in offering experiential take home to our delegates. The content would focus on the importance of a ‘New Rising’ post covid and the urgent need for members to rise beyond the challenges.

Evenings will be class apart; post tours will be plenty and above all the attendees will be offered luxurious hospitality enriched with networking. Cinnamon Grand, the FIVE STAR hotel with unmatched edifice is shortlisted to be an important venue for the Convention. There are other key attractions that are also being considered for the delegates to experience.

From a famous personality “Sri Lanka is a unique country. It really is paradise, and Colombo is a small, exciting city – It has become more beautiful through the years and is incredibly green. We have great food, warm hospitality, unique shopping, and that Sri Lankan smile: Our people are naturally warm and incredibly hospitable. Anyone who has been here knows the island gets into your veins. Beaches, culture, wildlife, tea country, architecture, design, food… There’s always more to see, and it’s infectious.”

The TAAI office bearers has had meetings with Sri Lankan Airlines & Indian carriers flying to Colombo in our pursuit to offer the delegates attractive airfares. The Convention will also focus on B2B meeting with over 100 local stakeholders over the region, the valuable opportunity to collaborate for trade & business, with the fast-growing Indian outbound Industry, and to promote India as well. TAAI will promote “Inbound into INDIA” as an important subject at this convention, to attract Sri Lankans to connect well with INDIA.

Those looking forward to learning; networking; exploring; connecting to situations and people beyond their current, must immediately plan their participation and not miss out from exciting and momentous opportunity.

We look forward to your active participation in this convention that will gift you with memories you will be delighted to cherish for all times to come.

TAAI will be soon be rolling out the registration opportunities. This convention is designed to be numbers restricted. One certainly cannot stay away from this most incredible happening. Early you register – benefits you will be rewarded with. The dates for the convention are 19th to 21st April, 2022 for 3 Nights / 4 days followed by post tours.

Looking forward to celebrating life and enriching our business and revitalizing opportunities after 2 years.

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