This pandemic resurfaced a lot of underlying and unresolved issues. We ere made aware of our weak economies, shaky foundations, scattered thoughts, fragile egos and the importance of maintaining a balance, be okay with exploring the territory of the unknown, respecting nature and so much more….

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Dr. Raman Deep Kaur ,Ph.D. (Metaphysics)Reiki Master and Access Consciousness Facilitator Holistic Transformation Coach | Master Spirit Life Coach  

The lockdown brought itself with a forced pause that we had to take, making us shift from an autopilot mode to a conscious mode. We were given a lot of time to work on ourselves, deal with issues we have been running away from, give attention to ourselves, loved ones and the things that in normal circumstances we would not pay heed to. This pandemic resurfaced a lot of underlying and unresolved issues. We were made aware of our weak economies, shaky foundations, scattered thoughts, fragile egos and the importance of maintaining a balance, be okay with exploring the territory of the unknown, respecting nature and so much more…. All these factors when added with the changing environment in terms of being stuck at home all the time, with the people we only meet after retiring for the day, working from home and anticipation of poverty, lack or no income for the forthcoming months, unprecedented times and unpredictability led to a massive emotional turmoil.

Thankfully now that we are being relieved of lockdown in the zone of this new normal, things are not going to be the same as they were in the past. Business models have to be changed, economies have to be given a boost, basically, life has to be resurrected. With all this happening, planning, visualizing and executing become secondary if we are not ready emotionally to face the territory of the unknown. For now, it’s all about taking that leap of faith and in some aspects, beginning from scratch. Now the question is how to be emotionally equipped for this new normal?

First of all, we must learn to let go of fear. Fear is the root emotion that sprouts a lot of other surface emotions like anxiety, anger, procrastination, rejection, lethargy, poverty mentality, etc. To let go of fear, remind yourself of the onset of this pandemic or any other major painful episode of your life. It just happened and you just flowed with the flow. There was no anticipation or expectation of the pandemic, hence we were not prepared for it. We just did not know about it. Everything happened suddenly and we all kept following whatever was told to us, the basic need was to keep afloat, just survive. The lockdown period passed, we sailed through, some people sailed peacefully, some in great pain, yet we all dealt with it and the beauty of life was revealed onto us that life goes on, time is constantly ticking and the sun rises, the moon changes phases, the water creates ripples and the air exuded itself… let that seep in.

To crystallize the reality between danger and perception, we need to remain calm and rationally think about the threat that the situation actually throws at us. On this note, I invite you to rethink, is it that bad? Is change really painful or is breaking our comfort zone and exploring unknown waters gives us an illusion of perceived danger? It’s high time that we begin to listen to our intuition, follow our gut and start making conscious choices before jumping to conclusions that are not real and serve as the basis of fear.

I’m empowering you with some great tools that, when applied, will equip you to deal with the emotional turmoil that our brains might perceive as the danger that actually is simply some totally new reality that we need to anchor and get used to:

Train yourself to the 3 C’s of Success

  • Clarity
  • Consistency
  • Commitment

Be clear with your goals, vision and purpose. Be consistent in what you are doing. Make a decision and then abide by it. Stay committed to your goals, dreams and desire.

Be a WHATEVER IT TAKES  person: Never be afraid of taking risks, doing the work, seeking help and asking for it. When you are clear about what you truly desire in life, the only person who can stop you from being that or having that is you yourself. Do whatever you can and then do more. Just don’t give up. Be okay with facing challenges, with being judged, ridiculed or mocked. When you succeed, all this will not matter.

Invest in yourself: you are only as successful as you think you deserve. When we learn more, we raise our self-esteem by knowing more. When we invest in bettering ourselves, we gain self-confidence to look at problems straight in the eye as we upgrade ourselves and expand our wisdom which further equips us with problem-solving as well as innovating.

Let go of toxic relationships: relationships are good, those provide us with the company, support, love, care. Yet toxic relationships deplete us of the very same things a relationship provides for. Toxic relationships can be personal or professional, the key to peace of mind is to identify which one is toxic and gathering up the courage to walk out of it.

Follow a faith: When we believe, we are halfway through. Believing in the profoundness of faith; whether it’s a religion, a philosophy or an ideology, we create an invisible support system for ourselves. The pandemic has gotten us to the awareness of a higher power that is way mightier of the human existence. Believe in the Supreme.

Create a sturdy fallback: The new normal calls for friends, family and company who provide a piece of sane and unadulterated advice, a listening ear and genuine interest in your wellbeing. Begin to identify who are the people who really are capable to be deserving of accessing your space as well as your secrets. Who are the one’s who will be your skeleton in challenging times? Is anyone else worthy of your time?  Once you apply the tools suggested, you will victoriously overcome fear to a great extent and a lot of sub-emotions will automatically be taken care of. 

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