Article by the Principal of Sacred Heart School on Teacher’s Day

Article by the Principal of Sacred Heart School on Teacher’s Day

The Voice of Chandigarh News: Photos by T S Bedi

The memories of me as a young girl of twenty, learning the ways of the world and struggling to grasp the real meaning of life, are intertwined with the images of a group of emaciated, illiterate children who knew not what learning was about and why it mattered when the pangs of hunger gnawed at their insides endlessly. The reason why I have never been able to erase that image from my mind is because my interaction with them proved to be the turning point of my life. It was a moment of realization that showed me the purpose of my life.  

It was my first assignment as a teacher in the remote district of Rampur, U.P. The sight of those children tugged at my heart night and day. I wanted to reach out and soothe all creases from their brow, I wanted to feed them, clothe them and do just about anything to see a twinkle in those innocent eyes. All my pleas to send the children to school landed on deaf ears of their parents who had already accepted their shattered destiny. But drawing my strength from God Almighty, I persevered and God blessed me with success. I knew I had made a difference and this filled me with a unique, unparalleled happiness. This incident changed my life forever and now I knew God had sent me here for a reason.

My training in CFMSS had opened the doors of the Seraphenian way of education for me and that is what I have emulated every living moment since then. A life of values, a strong character and selfless service to mankind.  It is my strong belief that the way to God is through education. This is the essence of my philosophy as an educator and on the occasion of Teachers’ day, I wish to share it with all my fellow teachers who strive ceaselessly to bring about a change. Let’s together spread the light. Let’s together make a difference.

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