AVTAR SINGH BRAR A Golf Teacher, Song Writer & Philanthropic

AVTAR SINGH BRAR A Golf Teacher, Song Writer & Philanthropic

The Voice of Chandigarh :

By H.C. Gera (Special Correspondent)

There are very few persons whom you meet for the first time and realize that you have met them in the past also. These are the humble souls who create an aura of cheerfulness with positive vibes all-around. Truly this happened with me when I met Mr. Avtar Singh Brar for the first time for a brief interaction. He is a man of many parts equipped with several hidden talents. He is blessed with humane qualities. He shared his inner thoughts that he wanted to give back to society through his knowledge in golf and through his philanthropic activities for the welfare of the people in Canada. His main focus is towards the younger generation particularly the students of all age groups whom he teaches golf.

One Cup of Coffee One Cream and No Sugar

Amazingly Avtar Singh Brar teaches golf almost free of cost. With sparkling eyes, Mr. Brar said that “my fee charges for learning golf from me is one cup of coffee one cream and no sugar.” If someone is interested to learn golf he should follow this ethic and maintain discipline by adhering to time in the golf course. I give a big hoot to latecomers emphasized Brar. He further elaborated that I create golfer and role models. I teach my students to live a healthy life and make them mentally strong.

Golf Increases Longevity

Avtar Singh Brar firmly believes that playing golf increases longevity. When asked he explained that playing golf is not merely a leisure & pleasure game but if you are in the golf course the environment and the ambience keep you so engaged that you love to spend an adequately good time while playing golf. He supported this idea of longevity when he referred to an article published in a leading magazine.

Micro Printing Press

Brar is the President of Micro Printing Press in Mississauga Canada and is a well-known personality for his humbleness. The Indo-Canadian Association has been raising funds for the welfare of the Canadian people by donating the same to the hospitals.

Songwriter and Jaago Singer

Surprisingly Mr. Avtar Singh Brar is a songwriter and a wonderful Jaago singer. Our entire team of The Voice of Canada and The Voice Chandigarh requested him for his Jaago and he entertained us with his melodious voice “Bandiya Jaag Bhai-Jaago Aai”

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