Balbir Sidhu starts poll campaign after paying obeisance at Gurdwara Singh Shaheedan

Balbir Sidhu starts poll campaign after paying obeisance at Gurdwara Singh Shaheedan

The Voice of Chandigarh News :

Former cabinet minister and Congress candidate from Mohali in coming Punjab poll, Balbir Singh Sidhu started his election campaign formally after paying obeisance at Gurdwara Singh Shaheedan Sohana on Sunday morning.

Sidhu said that with the blessings of Sache Patshah Waheguru ji he has in fact been able to perform as per the people’s expectations. Its Guru’s kirpa and Mohali people’s love that have enabled him to get elected three times continuously from  2007 onwards.

He further said that this time too we will go on to win the election with a thumping margin.

Talking about his campaign he said that we are going into our election campaign with the works performed by us in the past years. Our agenda is very clear. We did development and we would do it relentlessly in the next five years after winning the poll. We are seeking support on our performance index. It is now public to decide which candidate it thinks can actually work for their betterment and which can’t.”

Our tireless efforts to put Mohali on the development fast track are our yardstick to judge our performance. Mohali janta can see clearly what we have done in the past years. We are not seeking votes by criticizing and labeling baseless allegations on our rivals. Our strategy for the poll is clear and it is ‘Kaam Kiya hai aur kaam Karenge.’ During the campaign we would only talk about development and betterment of the area, he maintained.

Meanwhile Sidhu also attended a Sukhmani Sahib Path at sector 67 and 68 and paid obeisance at phase 7 temple.

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