Call For Awakening

Call For Awakening

The Voice of Chandigarh

The ethereal beauty of our earth was like a church for the irreligious – from lush forests to vibrant flowers, from curious creepy crawlies to diverse fauna, from lucid waterways to fecund lands, the blue planet, exclusively capable of supporting life, was splendid as ever. But over the course of a century, we have ravaged it from top to toe. Humans have advanced immensely in the field of technological discoveries and inventions. The Industrial Revolution brought with it a plethora of opportunities and facilities indeed, but it came at a cost, the value of which is unfathomable – climate change, greenhouse effect, ozone holes, rise in sea levels, acid rain, heatwaves, the toxicity of biosphere, extinction of plant and animal species, health hazards so on and so forth.

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We are so engrossed in a rat race that we have forgotten what really matters. We need to introspect and ponder over certain things- Who are we if an earthquake hits us and the entire world is levelled to the ground? Where do we stand as individuals when wealth, power and social status cease to define us? The state of the earth has been consigned to oblivion, and we, as humans have conveniently mastered the art of feigning ignorance. Turning a blind eye to what is happening around us doesn’t make it any better, apart from bringing solace to the guilty conscience of course. Glaciers are thawing like ice candy on a hot summer day. Water bodies are scorching to desolate landscapes. The lungs of the earth are being chopped off, in order to feed monstrous industries. Self-destruction is at its zenith, and if we do not wake up now, we are doomed. The world is not a commodity designed to entertain our entitled and narcissistic attitude, but sadly, by the time we realise that it’ll be too late. We ought to stop relying on treaties or awareness campaigns because they are as futile as could be.

Ishitta Groverr, Class X, Strawberry Fields High School

On the contrary, I believe that the smallest act is worth more than the greatest intention. Be it reducing your carbon footprint by refusing to accept plastic bags at a grocery store, or walking down the street to your friend’s house instead of having someone drop you over in a car, although these actions might seem insignificant at the moment, but as Neil Armstrong said, “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”. I reckon that if the concept of a butterfly stirring a typhoon by merely flapping its wings is practised for the greater good and not just preached, the world can be a better place in the times to come.

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