Canada Welcomed 20.8 Million International Visitors in 2017 – TIAC

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Canada Welcomed 20.8 Million International Visitors in 2017 – TIAC

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logo TIACAn exciting day for Canada’s tourism industry, as they have matched – and even surpassed – their record for international visitors to Canada. The previous record set in 2002 of 20 million visitors has reached new heights, with 2017 welcoming 20.85million international visitors to Canada.
Key to the success of the newly dubbed “Best Year Ever” has been a successful and long-term effort by TIAC, the industry, and the government, including Minister of Small Business and Tourism, the Honourable Bardish Chagger to create an environment that promotes and sustains growth in international visitation. International visitors spend more per visit and travel longer than domestic travelers.
Here is a breakdown of how TIAC advocacy efforts have contributed to the growth in international numbers:
  • $95.5 million in secured Destination Canada marketing funding: A well funded Destination Canada directly impacts growth in our target markets. Across DC target markets, arrivals totaled 18.49 million in 2017.
  • Important $30 million funding for Connecting America: Overall U.S. growth is up 3.1% over last year, with air arrivals growing 6.6% indicating they’re traveling farther and staying longer.
  • Mexican visa lift: Growth significantly increased over 2016 directly as a result of the movement from a visa requirement to the eTA system (up 47.4% in overnight arrivals).
  • Canada-China tourism year & increased airlift to China: Chinese tourism grew 11.8% over last year, and is steadily growing towards the target of doubling growth by 2021.  TIAC efforts to ensure 7 additional visa application centers (VACs) would be opened in time for the Canada-China Year of Tourism will continue to help grow Chinese visitation in the coming year and beyond.
At the current rate of success, TIAC hope for continued growth in 2018 and beyond. The New Tourism Vision outlined ambitious goals to reach 30% overall growth in numbers by 2021. 
To maximize Canada’s growing tourism success, Government action continues to be needed to address policy barriers.  TIAC put forward recommendations to the government to reach these goals by continuing to reduce barriers to entry, invest in tourism and adopting a whole of government approach to ensure a holistic approach to tourism policy development. Key recommendations put forward and advocated by TIAC focus on the following: Addressing Cost-Competitiveness; Barriers to Entry; and Labour Shortages as well as continuing to invest in marketing efforts to ensure Canada can reach its targets by 2021. 
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