Capt Amarinder names his party as Punjab Lok Congress

Capt Amarinder names his party as Punjab Lok Congress


Ending the long wait, former Punjab Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh revealed the name of his party as Punjab Lok Congress. The registration of the party is pending approval with the Election Commission of India.

Disclosing this Amarinder said, since he had announced earlier that he would be forming his own party, his team of lawyers was working on the process and had applied to the Election Commission of India for the registration.

The Election Commission has no objection to the proposed name, Punjab Lok Congress, he said.

About the party symbol, Capt Amarinder said, the Election Commission had given three symbols from which one was to be chosen. He said, his party has also submitted three different symbols and the final symbol will be chosen from the set of six symbols, three suggested by the Election Commission and three proposed by the party.

The party will be formally launched later. The policies, programmes, agenda and vision will be spelt out at the time of the launch of the party, Capt Amarinder added.

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