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Order: In partial modification of order bearing No.13180-HIII(5)-2021/19029, dated 24.12.2021 & No.13180-HIII(5)-2021/19108, dated 27.12.2021, it has been decided as under:-The said order will be strictly enforced w.e.f. 31.12.2021 instead of 01.01.2022.

If any violation of the orders is found by the owners of establishments like Hotels/clubs/ malls/ shopping complex/ cinema halls /museums/theatres/ educational institutes/ gyms/fitness centers, both private/ Govt. sector Banks, etc., a fine of Rs.5000/- will be imposed. To impose said fine, officials specified in point (1) of the order dated 24.12.2021 would be responsible. On repeated violation, further stern action will be taken as per Law.

In continuation of the order bearing endst. No. 13180-HIII(5)-2021/13049, dated 14.09.2021, the following decision is hereby re-iterated:-
That the numbers of guests for social gathering like weddings / commercial events/exhibition stalls/ amusement rides/ shows etc. are increased from 200 to 300 or 50% capacity of banquet halls/hotels whichever is less, with the condition that all adults guests and staff of the hotels/banquets must have received at least one dose of vaccine or have negative RT-PCR report at last 72 hours.
​​This order shall come into force with immediate effect and will be applicable until further orders.
​​Any breach of this order shall invite action under sections 51 to 60 of the Disaster Management Act, 2005 and Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code along with other applicable laws.

Clarification with regard to orders bearing no 13180-HIII(5)-2021/19332 dated 30.12.2021.

It is clarified that amongst the adult guests and staff of the establishment, only those are allowed inside the premises who are fully vaccinated( second dose) or who are yet not qualified for a second dose as per health protocol.

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