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In a major breakthrough, Chandigarh Police under the supervision of W/SSP, UT Chandigarh solved the kidnapping case of a minor boy by arresting four accused namely Rajat S/o Dalvir Singh # 926 Phase-1, Ramdarbar, Chandigarh age 21 years, Mukesh Kumar S/o Suresh Kumar # 748 Phase-1, Ramdarbar, Chandigarh age 23 years, Vishal S/o Rama Shanker Gupta # 271/1 Kishangarh, Mani Majra, Chandigarh age 24 years and Pankaj S/o Rama Shanker Gupta # 271/1 Kishangarh, Mani Majra, Chandigarh age 28 years.

The brief facts of the case are that on dated 15.06.2021 a case FIR No. 112 U/S 364-A,34 IPC PS MM was registered in Police Station ManiMajra, on the complaint of Churamani S/o Inderpal # 355 Village Kishangarh, Chandigarh age 46 years. He reported that his son aged 15 years went for cycling on a daily basis early morning, when they reached near double Phatak/railway crossing, one brezza white colour car stopped near his son and three occupants came outside and dragged his son inside the car and fled away from the spot. After that kidnappers called him from the mobile phone, his son was carrying and demanded Rs. Fifty lakhs as ransom to set free his son, otherwise, his son’s life will be in danger. After receiving the complaint above, the noted case was registered. Sensing the gravity of the situation several teams were constituted under the supervision of W/SSP, UT Chandigarh and dispatched to various suspected locations/hideouts of kidnappers after seeking assistance from Technical cell. Due to the pressure mounted by the Police teams, kidnappers were forced to release the kidnapped boy unharmed and without paying any ransom.  

During further course of investigation, special teams were constituted and the route taken by the kidnappers was reconstructed, which led the police teams to a certain location in Baltana, where the boy was set free by the kidnappers. During the scrutiny of CCTV cameras installed in that area, the offending vehicle white Breeza car, was spotted near Saini Vihar Baltana, Zirakpur bearing registration No. HR-49E-4463, which on verification was found to be fake. After some time the same white Breeza car was again spotted bearing registration No. HR-03Y-4270, which was found registered in the name of Rohit Sharma R/o # 558, Sector 19, Panchkula. On verification of this address, it was found that the owners used to reside at this address earlier and presently they were residing at Astha Flats, Sada Shiv Enclave, Baltana. Secret information was received and from the scrutiny of CCTV Footage it was found that the car was being used by Ajay Sharma S/o Ram Pal Sharma R/o # 24, Astha Flats, Sada Shiv Enclave, Baltana. With the assistance of the Technical Cell and scrutiny of CCTV Footage, accused Mukesh Kumar was arrested and during interrogation accused Mukesh Kumar disclosed that at present he is working  as a recovery agent in RBL Bank. He alongwith accused Ajay Sharma, Pankaj Gupta, Vishal Gupta has hatched a conspiracy to kidnap the minor boy as Pankaj Gupta and Vishal Gupta were very well known to the victim’s family and they also knew that the marriage of the sister of the victim is scheduled to be held in October. As the victim was friendly with them and out of innocence he used to share the arrangements/shopping being done by his family. The accused were sure that due the marriage of the victim’s sister the family must be having some cash and gold jewellery at their residence. Accused Pankaj Gupta, Ajay Sharma, Vishal Gupta and Mukesh held a series of meetings to execute the kidnapping plan of the victim and on dated 15.6.2021 accused Ajay Sharma alongwith Mukesh Gupta and Rajat came to Kishangarh village early in the morning and when the victim boy along with his friends went for cycling both the brothers Pankaj and Vishal Gupta were in constant touch with them regarding the movement of the victim. The accused kidnapped the victim and took him towards Baltana/zirakpur and Panchkula area. The family of the victim approached the police and both brothers Pankaj and Vishal Gupta accompanied the family to the Police Station. When the kidnappers were calling the father of the victim for the ransom, Pankaj was with the family and was showing full support and sympathy to them and even he spoke to the kidnappers that they are arranging money. When accused Pankaj Gupta saw the activities of the police teams he informed the kidnappers and on this the kidnappers got scared and they dropped the victim at Golden Estate, Baltana from where the victim contacted his sister and police parties brought him safely and handed over to son.    

        The profile of all the accused is as under:-

Profile :- 1

1.     Name: – Pankaj Gupta S/o Rama Shanker Gupta

2.     Age :- 28 yrs

3.     Height- 5’7”

4.     Address: –  H.No.271/1,Kishangarh,Chandigarh

5.     Qualification:- Graduate.

6.     Occupation:- Recovery agent in RBL private bank.

7.     Marital status:-Married and having two children one boy & one girl.

Profile :- 2

1.     Name: – Mukesh Kumar S/o Suresh Kumar

2.     Age :- 23 yrs

3.     Height- 5’5”

4.     Address: –  H.No.748, Phase-01,Ramdarbar,Chandigarh

5.     Qualification:- 12th.

6.     Occupation:-Recovery agent in RBL private bank.

7.     Marital status:-Married and having one daughter.

Profile :- 3

1.     Name: – Vishal Gupta S/o Rama Shanker Gupta

2.     Age :- 24 yrs

3.     Height- 5’6”

4.     Address: –  H.No.271/1,Kishangarh,Chandigarh

5.     Qualification:- Graduate.

6.     Occupation:-Recovery agent in RBL private bank.

7.     Marital status:-Unmarried.

Profile :- 4

1.     Name: – Rajat S/o Dalvir Singh.

2.     Age :- 21 yrs

3.     Height- 5’8”

4.     Address: – H.No. # 926 Phase-1,Ramdarbar,Chandigarh

5.     Qualification:- Graduate.

6.     Occupation:- Free.

7.     Marital status:-Unmarried.

Due to the lockdown period their financial condition has deteriorated and as they have to pay installments of vehicles and other family obligations they hatched a plan to kidnap the minor boy. Accused Pankaj Gupta the mastermind has also invested some money online in some schemes and suffered losses. The accused are addicted to playing online games such as Pubg and Free Fire. All the accused have been produced in the court and four days police remand has been obtained.

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