Creatively Crafted Curriculum at St. Joseph


Creatively Crafted Curriculum at St. Joseph

“Learning is not the product of teaching . Learning is the product of the activity of learners.” -John Holt

The Voice of Chandigarh News | Photo by T S Bedi

As flowers bloom and blossom with the arrival of spring so do the young Josephians with the commencement of the new session. No humdrum, boring routine for the lucky students studying at St. Joseph’s Sr. Sec. School, Sector 44 – D, Chandigarh.

IMG_20180323_083829As the students are poised to embark on yet another journey i.e. the new academic session, the teaching faculty at the Middle Block has devised a fresh and innovative approach towards tackling the curriculum.

The brainchild of the Principal, Ms. Monica Chawla, the programme has been termed as the  3C’s or the Creatively Crafted Curriculum and has so far received a big thumbs – up from the delighted Josephians.


Thus, Mathematics Phobia has been effectively combated by a new programme, ‘Mathemagicians- We Can Master It!’ By showing the students a video on number system, teaching them a bubbly song on how to learn Rational, Irrational and Natural numbers and playing games such as a Dice game to comprehend Integers, Magic Squares, Number Puzzles and other such fascinating methods, the children actually forgot their fear and enthusiastically participated. In English, the topics of Different Kinds of Sentences and Adjectives were catered to, through the captivating manner of having some children dress up as famous personalities and the others interviewing them or solving crosswords, playing Adjective Bingo, Creating Pen Pals and what not. Hindi became even more interesting when students sang songs related to festivals and a game called ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ in which children had to guess the relationship and then change the Gender of the answer they had got. Social Science a subject with the dubious reputation of being boring got a real chance to redeem itself so to speak with Scientific terms were discussed by playing out a version of the age oldfavourite game ‘ Passing the Parcel’. PPT’s were also meticulously prepared and presented on Forest- Our Lifeline’. Students were also involved in an activity of distinguishing Physical Change from Chemical Change by bringing various objects such as balloons, empty cans, ribbons, dough, vinegar and baking soda. Botanical names of common species of flora and fauna were introduced to amplify the knowledge of the Josephians. In Punjabi too, the children enjoyed immensely as they prepared a self composed skit on Baisakhi, self composedStory telling activity and a JAM session.

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