Darbar Culture will be Done Away With: Pawan Bansal

Darbar Culture will be Done Away With: Pawan Bansal

The Voice of Chandigarh News | Photo T S Bedi

Addressing a large gathering at Shaheed Udham Singh Memorial Bhawan in Sector 44, Pawan Kumar Bansal, Chandigarh Congress Lok Sabha Candidate, talked about the real struggle of Indian Martyr Udham Singh who fought to build a society with “no darbar” culture and no exploitation of anyone.

Shaheed Udham Singh Memorial Bhawan Society and All India Kamboj society extended their unconditional support to Bansal saying that he’s always been present with them during whenever they needed his support.

Assuring the members of the society that he will bring the necessary funds for the development of Chandigarh and make the city no. 1 again in all spheres, Bansal also talked about how deeply he admires Shaheed Udham Singh’s struggle to eradicate ‘darbar culture’ from India.

“My birthplace is Sunam, the birthplace of Shaheed Udham Singh. The fact that Sunam is mentioned on my passport and biodata and I carry it wherever I go, gives me a feeling of deep contentment and bliss. That’s why my relationship with Shaheed Udham Singh Memorial society is unique and very special,” he said adding,

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