Ease of living survey to be conducted till Feb 29

Ease of living survey to be conducted till Feb 29

The Voice of Chandigarh

Chandigarh-To understand whether the facilities given by the Smart city Chandigarh are helping to make the city a better place to live or not, a survey consisting of 24 questions is being conducted till February 29th. The main purpose of the questions is to gauge what the citizens think about the ease of living in Chandigarh. There are some important questions regarding women safety, fire and emergency services and education etc. in the survey which will be helpful in framing the image of the city beautiful.

In a press conference organized about the features and questions regarding the survey, Raj Bala Malik informed that to give the feedback, citizens can visit the link  htpps://eol2019.org and click on ‘Citizen feedback’. From there, they’d be directed to a page where they’ll be asked to provide some basic details and answer a set of 24 questions.

These questions are:

1.     Your name

2.     Your age

3.     What is your current occupation?

4.     To what extent do you agree good education for children if affordable?

5.     To what extent do you agree quality healthcare services are affordable?

6.     To what extent do you agree rental/housing is affordable?

7.     How satisfied are you with the state of cleanliness of your city?

8.     How good is the garbage collection system of your neighbourhood?

9.     How would you rate the drinking water supply in your city?

10. How frequently do you face water logging issues in your city?

11. To what extent do you agree that commuting in your city is safe?

12.  How easy do you find it to commute in your city?

13. How affordable is commuting in your city?

14.  To what extent do you agree that your city is a safe and secure place to live in?

15.   How would you rate the emergency services in your city?

16. How safe are public places for women in your city?

17.  How satisfied are you with the availability of recreational services in your city?

18.   To what extent do you agree that there are opportunities to earn livelihood in your city?

19.  Do you think your household income is enough for a decent life?

20.  How satisfied are you with the ease of access to various financial services in your city?

21. Is air quality in your city satisfactory?

22.   How satisfied are you with the extent of green cover in your city?

23.  How satisfied are you with the quality of electricity supply in your city?

24. To what extent do you agree that your city provides affordable electricity supply?

  After all the questions are answered, a reCAPTCHA will be produced to determine whether the person filing the form is a human or a bot. After submitting this, the form would be completed and the feedback would be saved.

While sharing about the Ease of Living Index Assessment, the Mayor explained that total of 114 cities are participating and 30% weightage will be given to the rating of the cities through citizen participation. Out of these cities, provision of prizes amongst the participants has also been made.

She said that 25 citizens from each city will be selected randomly through computer based algorithms and out of those 25, 1 citizen from each city will be selected randomly as a national winner. After that, 3 National winners will again be randomly chosen for the prizes. These winners will be rewarded with: ₹ 25,000/- cash prize. Each winner will be felicitated at ‘4thApex Conference of Smart cities’ to be held in Surat in June 2020. They will also get an opportunity to share their sentiments at the national level.

The Mayor appealed the citizens to give their valuable feedback on the link and win laurel for their city besides cash prizes for them also through the survey.

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