Ecological Studies on Vectors of Malaria is his forte


Ecological Studies on Vectors of Malaria is his forte

“I will continue to work with Zest & Zeal for the scientific fraternity” says Dr. R.S.Sharma

The Voice of Chandigarh News | By H.C.Gera (Special Correspondent)


There are scientists who do the research work dedicatedly and consistently till some commendable results are seen which could be applied directly for the good health of the people in particular and community in general. Believe me Dr.R.S.Sharma,former Additional Director at National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme & Head of Department of Centre for Medical Entomology and Vector Management, National Centre for Disease Control is an eminent scientist with more than 35 yrs. experience in the field of Vector Borne Diseases. His research work has been directly applied in the field for prevention & control of Vector Borne Diseases like Malaria, Dengue and Chikungunya.

H.C.Gera(Special Correspondent)-TVC
H.C.Gera (Special Correspondent)-TVC

During my various visits at National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme H.Q at Delhi I met him on several occasions and found working on his project with complete devotion. Dr.R.Sharma is an icon for the young scientists and is in fact, a guiding force for many who are pursuing the research work in the field of Vector Biology.

Dr.Sharma’s expertise includes in the areas of Vector Biology, Integrated vector Management, monitoring of insecticide resistance,   Urban malaria and has contributed immensely towards the control of Vector Borne Diseases in the country. A soft spoken and always wearing a smiling contour with a humorous tone is seen mingling with everyone during conferences and other technical meetings.

His main forte is Ecological Studies of Vectors of Malaria. His research work comprising of 70 scientific papers have been published in the National & International Journals which are frequently cited by the scientific fraternity.

Dr. Sharma,s research work on “Ecological studies on malaria vector Anopheles stephensi and Anopheles culicifacies in relation to malaria transmission  was very useful for application in the  field. Dr Sharma also developed many operational guidelines for the control of Vector Borne Diseases at NVBDCP.

Dr. Sharma has many feathers in his cap. He is the member of expert committees of National and International level. At present Dr Sharma is Technical Expert Group Member on Malaria Vector Control of World Health Organization – Geneva and representing SEARO Region. He was invited by WHO for writing a case study on the larval source management for World Health Organization manual in 2013. He is also a member of Steering Committee of Stockholm Convention. He was the person behind deployment of DDT alternatives when the conventional insecticides started posing a threat due to resistance and polluting the environment. He represented India as member of DDT Expert Group of Stockholm convention. Later United Nation Environment Programme Geneva have taken him as an expert on vector control. While being a member of Roll Back Malaria Vector control Working Group and is annually attending its meeting at Geneva with immense contribution on Prevention and control of Malaria. His other contributions in the field of Science are enormous. A good team of scientists cultivated by him has worked tremendously in the control of Malaria, dengue, Filaria, Japanese encephalitis and visceral leishmaniasis in the country. During his tenure in National Malaria Control Programme,he has trained thousands of malaria officers and malaria entomologists imparting great professional knowledge and technical skill in the containment of Malaria in India.  Dr. Sharma arranged Malariology course for SAARC countries in NVBDCP   for Country Programme Managers. He is the recipient of Vector Control Award during 2013 by the National Academy of Vector Borne Disease for his outstanding contribution in the field of Vector Biology. Indian Society for Malaria and other Communicable Diseases conferred Dr.P.S.Gill Medal in the field of Entomology  in 2016.

When asked for his passion Dr. Sharm says “I will continue to work with zest & zeal for the Scientific Community”.

The Team of The Voice of Chandigarh wishes him good luck and long life!

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