Embassy of Israel, in collaboration with IIC, presents an online exhibition “Heat and Dust – between India and Zion”

Embassy of Israel, in collaboration with IIC, presents an online exhibition “Heat and Dust – between India and Zion”

The Embassy of Israel in India is proud to present an online exhibition that shows the influence of India and its culture on Israeli art. Titled ‘Heat and Dust- between India and Zion’, the exhibition has been organised in collaboration with India International Centre and can be viewed from today, July 12 – 25, 2021.

The exhibition attempts to examine how artists in a wide range of media use their work to represent hidden and revealed aspects of India and its culture.  Most of the artists are Israeli, while some are descendants of the Jewish communities in India who live in Israel or the United States. Some of the artists are Israeli, who have travelled in India.  Another group of artists are Indians who live or have lived for long periods in Israel.

Hundreds of thousands of Israelis have visited India.  Indian cultural expressions such as yoga, meditation, music and dance have a growing influence on Israeli culture and society.  This exhibition is an attempt to examine through artistic perspective how Indian “motifs” and “influences” are expressed in Israeli art.

For the first time, works of Tim Nachum Gidal (1909-1996) will be presented in India through this exhibition.  One of Israel’s most important photographers, he was a member of a group of prominent photographers worldwide who developed the art of photojournalism and became famous in the field.  He published books and research papers and was granted several awards.  In 1940, he went to India on a photo assignment and clicked pictures of Mahatma Gandhi.  Those pictures will be presented in this exhibition.

Rony Yedidia Clein, Chargé d’affaires at the Embassy of Israel in India said, “India is a font of ideas and inspirations for artists and photographers everywhere.  This very interesting online exhibition reflects the unique connection between India and Israel in the form of various artworks and photographs.  I invite everyone to watch it.  This show has been made possible due to the natural connection of Indian and Israeli cultures, hearts, and minds.”

L.S. Tochhawng, Chief, Programme Division and Secretary IIC Film Club, India International Centre said“We at the India International Centre are very pleased to collaborate with the Embassy of Israel in India to present the exhibition “Heat and Dust” – between India and Zion.  The exhibition which presents a wide range of artists engaged in different art practices is an exciting one as each of the artists have had an India/Israel connection unique to them.  This is reflected in the works on view as each artist negotiates this engagement, of a place, of a time, of forgetting and remembering and of recreating and transposing.”

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