Engineer Manan made vaccine slot booking easy

Engineer Manan made vaccine slot booking easy

People from more than 35 countries are reaping the benefits

The Voice of Chandigarh News:

Software engineer Manan Gupta has made this task very easy by creating a website to remove the hassle of knowing the slot booking and availability to get the corona vaccine.

NRIs living in more than 35 countries are taking advantage of this website, which is able to easily book slots for their families. Every day more than two thousand people are also searching the website.

It takes a lot of effort to book a slot and people have to strive for weeks to find an empty slot. This effort of contemplation is proving to be quite effective with the idea of saving time and energy.

Thousands of people have booked slots from Manan Gupta’s website This website is linked to the official website, so all the data shown on the website is authorized.

Manan said that he has created this website with untiring efforts and he is very happy that he is able to contribute something to society in this difficult time. He got this inspiration from his father Dr. Rajan Gupta, who is a prominent doctor in Delhi and is constantly working in the service of humanity.

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