Giving joy to someone reflects your kindness

Giving joy to someone reflects your kindness

A wall of Kindness in Panchkula in sector 8 breaks down barriers to gifting

The Voice of Chandigarh News | By H.C.Gera (Special Correspondent)

Whenever I passed through my sector where I live my eyes always focussed on the ‘Wall of Kindness’ ( Neki Ki Diwar) written in Hindi panted neatly on the back of the house in sector 8 Panckula facing main road. This is not an ordinary wall. On this wall people hang their unwanted clothes. There is a string where you will find the clothes donated by the people hanging on it.  The needy people come and pick up the stitched clothes take away for their use. I find a kind of joy when you really see people come and select the clothes of their size for their use. Below at the right corner two names along with their mobile number are written.

I talked to Mr V.K Gupta who took pains for creating this wall of kindness. When I asked the idea of creating the ‘Wall of Kindness’ Mr Gupta shared that earlier I used to live in the same house where on its backside, this wall of kindness has been created. “The idea came to my mind that why not come up with a new thinking where people donate their unwanted clothes properly washed so that the same could be worn by the needy one”

I have clearly mentioned and requested not to leave the clothes which are either soiled or are not worthy of use. Maintain the spirits of donation with true feeling and not just throwing the junked clothes near to this wall said, Mr Gupta.

I suggested  him that in Ludhiana few persons have created the similar wall where the clothes are given to the needy by charging an amount of Rs. 10/ per piece but the clothes are washed and properly ironed too. He appreciated the idea but wanted cooperation from the residents also.

The Voice of Chandigarh, on the spectrum of broader thinking and going ahead with the meaning of ‘Happy to give’ why not to leave the used school bags once your kids are promoted in the next class. Also, the books which are quite new could be of use to those who cannot afford to buy new books before the start of the new session.

Anyways this wall of kindness has broken down the barriers of gifting. There is indeed a new kind of joy once you start thinking of donation.

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