Government’s new drone policy will provide new employment opportunities: Sunny Kumar

Government’s new drone policy will provide new employment opportunities: Sunny Kumar

-Sunny Kumar tweeted thanks to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for investing in the drone industry


The Government of India has recently approved the PLI scheme, according to which the government will invest Rs 120 crore to make drones and their parts. Giving this information at Chandigarh Press Club today, Sunny Kumar, Founder and CEO, Chandigarh Institute of Drones said that the new policy by the Government of India will boost the drone industry as well as generate new employment opportunities. Sunny Kumar said that earlier the parts of drones were brought from abroad but from now on these parts will be manufactured in India only.

Sunny Kumar was accompanied by Dr TK Jindal, Head of Aeronautical Department, Punjab Engineering College, Manish Pandit and Ussam Siddiqui from Chandigarh Institute of Drones and Shivansh Sethi, CEO, AIOTIZE. Sunny Kumar has tweeted and thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya for approving the PLI scheme. Sunny Kumar told that we have decided to start a manufacturing unit for the construction of drone parts. This unit will not only provide employment to the people of Chandigarh and its surroundings, but at the same time, engineering students will also get a platform ahead.

Dr TK Jindal said that today’s students must learn drones from the point of view of education. Drones are very effective for the security of the country.  The way drone attacks have increased in the world, keeping in mind the knowledge of drones is very essential and more technical students must come in the drone field. Those students who want to come into the field of drones can contact Chandigarh Drone Institute.  Full support will be given in research and development from our side.

Sunny Kumar said that his institute manufactures customized drones and they have worked with the Indian Army and Haryana and Chandigarh Police.  It is noteworthy that during the lockdown due to Covid last year, the Chandigarh Institute of Drones had given free drones to the Chandigarh Police so that drones could monitor in congested areas. Sunny said that they want to give a platform to the youth who want to work in the drone sector, for which children who have such a desire can contact their institute.

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