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Hon’ble Governor of Punjab and Administrator, UT, Chandigarh reviewed the Covid Management in the city in a meeting held with all senior officers.  A special review of Mini Covid Care Centres was taken.

Mr. Yashpal Garg, the designated officer for management of Mini-Covid Care Centres stated that approval has been given for setting up 09 Mini Covid Care Centres in different parts of the city.  The NGOs, Charitable Organizations etc., who set up these Centres are required to provide doctors, nurses, health staff, food, medicines etc. to the patients.  They are also required to ensure that 80% of the beds should have a facility for oxygen through cylinders and concentrators.  The Administration has agreed to provide space for setting up of these Centres and also for disposal of medical waste through Municipal Corporation, Chandigarh.  The patients can also directly approach the doctors in the Mini Covid Care Centres for admission.  Periodic visits by government doctors have also been organized.  The entire facility for the patients is free of cost.  The patients do not have to pay anything.  He mentioned that as of now, 4 Mini Covid Care Centres with 134 beds capacity have been made functional and 81 patients are already availing the facility.

Hon’ble Administrator stated that regular checking of all the facilities available in these Mini Covid Care Centres should be made.  He also directed that fire safety measures should be properly made since the patients will be staying in these facilities.  It was also decided that additional facilities will be set up only after 70% of the existing facilities are occupied.  Mr. Garg further stated that as a matter of policy, such Centres are being allowed to set up only in independent buildings, which do not have any office, shop or residential accommodation.

The Administrator also reviewed the oxygen position in the city.  He was satisfied that after proper distribution, all government and private medical institutions are getting an adequate supply of oxygen.  He directed that regular watch should be kept on the oxygen plants functioning in various hospitals, so that there is no mal-functioning or disruption of any kind in the supply of oxygen through cylinders. 

The Administrator directed that quality of food being given in government hospitals and also in Mini Covid Care Centres should be checked regularly and only fresh and nutritious food should be supplied to the patients.

The Administrator thanked the residents, traders, shopkeepers etc. of Chandigarh for their cooperation and bearing with covid curfew restrictions, which have possibly prevented many more infections and even fatalities.  The hardships borne by them have started bearing fruits with the visible plateauing of the covid caseload in the city.

The Administrator thanked the Hon’ble Prime Minister for appreciating the good work done by Chandigarh Administration in fighting corona.

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