GPS @ Lucknow Draws Huge Response From Travel Trade Partners


“We believe in creating a benchmark for ourselves to keep pace with time,” says Harmandeep Singh Anand MD-GPS

By H. C. Gera (Special Correspondent)
Since the maiden venture of GPS @ Lucknow during last year, the format of GPS has come up with interesting changes. This has resulted in a kind of strong connect with the travel partners, exhibitors and other stakeholders not only among themselves but also with the team of GPS. The travel fraternity always believes and expects innovations from GPS.
The change in the format was quite visible. Besides routine presentations, the experiences shared by the individual travel professionals who came forward to share their success stories in a captivating manner. This very particular aspect was received wholeheartedly by the galaxy of audience present on the first day.

The credit goes to Harmandeep Singh Anand, the Co-founder of GPS when he says that this change was urgently required ‘up beyond the path of success from the tertiary market’. Though it was the second year of GPS @ Lucknow, the travel trade partners responded to this event with a huge turnout. The hall was jam-packed right from the beginning and remained full till the end of the knowledge & experience sharing session.
Frankly, the brief discussions in the form of suggestions cum question-answer sessions generated a lot of curiosity when the various leading travel trade partners narrated their ‘dastan goi’ in an inspiring manner’
The introduction of the travel professionals as to what products they have along with inspiring success stories by them were well accepted from the audience.

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