Haryana Chief Secretary Keshni Anand Arora directed officers to ensure the supply of all the essential commodities

Haryana Chief Secretary Keshni Anand Arora directed officers to ensure the supply of all the essential commodities

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Haryana Chief Secretary, Keshni Anand Arora has directed the officers to ensure the supply of all the essential commodities being given under the Public Distribution System (PDS) at the depots in each district by April 5, 2020. She said that the availability of wheat, rice, pulses, and edible items being distributed under PDS should be done in a staggered manner, ensuing social distancing.

          The Chief Secretary was presiding over the meeting of the Crisis Coordination Committee meeting through video conferencing here today.

          During the meeting the Chief Secretary was apprised that there is adequate availability of essential commodities in the markets. Apart from this new supply chain of Dal and mustard oil from New Delhi market has also started. It was further informed that proper arrangements have been made for ensuring the availability of LPG cylinders and refilling of the same.

          She directed that to ensure the adequate availability of PPE kits in each district, the officers should explore the possibilities of identifying the textile industries and manufactures which can make these kits. She directed the officers to identify such manufactures, while the testing of these kits as per the prescribed medical standards should be ensured.  

          Showing concern about the doctors, paramedics and health workers, involved in COVID-19 duty, she said that it should also be ensured that availability of essential medical equipments including, PPE kits, masks, and sanitizers have been made for their safety. She directed that the availability of ventilators, PPE kits and oxygen cylinders in each hospital should be ensured.

          She directed that a supervisor officer should be deployed for private labs and it should be ensured that new COVID-19 testing labs are to be set up. She said that the facility of telemedicine and mobile OPDs should be started immediately.

          Meanwhile, showing concern over the issue of the people living in slum areas across the State, Haryana Chief Secretary directed that close vigil of the people living in these slums should be done and medical testing of such people should be ensured to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

          The Chief Secretary directed the officers that while ensuring the supply chain of essential commodities coming from neighbouring states is done smooth, it should also be ensured that thermal scanning of drivers and conductors entering the State carrying essential commodities should be done so that the spread of the virus is not done.

          She directed the Deputy Commissioners to keep a close vigil on the control and stop the movement of migrant labourers making inter districts movements and it should be ensured that they are asked to stay in the dedicated ‘Relief Camps’ set up across the State

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