Hindi film ‘Aarohi – Falsafa Zindagi Ka’ premier held in city

Hindi film ‘Aarohi – Falsafa Zindagi Ka’ premier held in city

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The premiere of a Hindi film, Aarohi – Falsafa Zindagi Ka was held at Museum and Art Gallery, Chandigarh on Saturday. The film is based on Panchkula based author Amrit Gupta’s book ‘Just 7 Days to Excellence’.

Talking to media during a press conference before the premiere, Amrit Gupta said that the idea to produce the film transpired when he met the team at Entertainment Plus Studios Pvt. Ltd, Panchkula.

He said it was felt during discussions that since everyone don’t have reading habits, the content of ‘Just 7 Days to Excellence” should be adapted to make a film, which shall help in spreading the message of the book more effectively & widely.

It may be mentioned here that ‘Just 7 Days to Excellence’ is an inspiring book which has the content and potential to transform any one’s life. Gupta ’s other book ‘Two Great Masters” has also been immensely acclaimed and appreciated.

The one-hour movie keeps one entertained and shows the way in finding solutions to various problems of life, especially among the younger generations, informed Gupta.

He said further that through a charming love story, the movie humbly coaxes you to understand that the quick romance in life is not the only piece of joy. Real joy lies in understanding the basics of life and learning the right path that we should follow in our day to day lives. Self-realization is the ultimate goal of life.

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