Home Minister Amit Shah inaugurated the new office of Housing Board and Integrated Command and Control Center (ICCC) in Chandigarh

Home Minister Amit Shah inaugurated the new office of Housing Board and Integrated Command and Control Center (ICCC) in Chandigarh

Union Home and Cooperation Minister Amit Shah inaugurated the new office of Housing Board and Integrated Command and Control Center (ICCC) in Chandigarh

Amit Shah inaugurates and lays the foundation stone of various development projects in Urban Park, Sector 17

The Voice of Chandigarh News:

When we were young, the children of Gujarat were told that Chandigarh is a planned and city worth seeing, and after seeing Chandigarh, it is truly felt that its design has been made with very fine thought.

When a city is formed and developed, its needs also change with time and those who do not change with time, cannot keep themselves relevant.

Today, I want to heartily congratulate the Chandigarh administration that it has made an effort to change with time, and, this is not limited only to the civic amenities, but security, environment protection and new mixed culture of Chandigarh has been preserved in this.

Chandigarh is going to become the most disciplined and modern city in the country in the coming time.

Today, development works worth Rs 165 crore have been inaugurated and foundation stone has been laid, these include education, water supply in 6 villages, construction of bus depots in industrial area and construction of hostels for boys and girls.

The biggest task is to create an integrated command and control center, this integrated command center is going to bring about a drastic change in all areas of civil administration in Chandigarh in the coming days.

There will be monitoring of many civil facilities from a single command center and there will also be a system to upgrade them.

This command center will create a new environment of traffic discipline including sending challans home for breaking rules, security of Chandigarh and sending a police team in a moment when any missing object is noticed.

All school children up to class 12th should be made to visit this command center so that culture can be inculcated in our future citizens.

A lot of initiatives have also been taken to establish Chandigarh as a model solar city and perhaps India’s largest bike sharing system on PPP model is in Chandigarh itself, this has ensured a huge success in keeping the environment of Chandigarh clean.

The work of 100% digitization of revenue records has also been completed, perhaps Chandigarh will be the first city in the country where 100% digitization has completed.

In the past, the biggest work under the leadership of Modi ji has been done is to manufacture the indigenous vaccine of Corona and to make available 185 crore doses of it to the country.

The whole world is astonished that in a country with a population of 130 crores, everyone gets the vaccine easily without any fuss and a certificate is also given on getting both the doses.

Big developed countries are also trying to set up a system by demanding India’s COWIN App, which India has already done.

Many developed countries were worried and hurt by third wave, but no one even knew when the third wave came in India and when it went away because 100% vaccination has been done in the country.

This is an example of how a leadership can take the help of technology to serve the poorest of the poor.

By using technology, Modi Ji provided 5 kg of food grains free of cost to every poor person in the country for 2 years and there was no lapse in it

These two examples have proved that if the visionary Prime Minister of the country takes the help of technology and decides to do something, then whether it is in the field of health or to deliver food grains to the homes of the poor, without doing injustice to anyone with the help of technology, and giving everyone their right and with zero corruption, goals can be achieved

Till now the work of distributing one thousand lakh metric tonnes of food grains worth about Rs 3,40,000 crore has been completed.

You can imagine that one thousand lakh metric tons of food grains in the form of 5-5 kg ​​reached every citizen’s house and there was no mismanagement.

In the cabinet meeting this week, Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji has decided to extend the scheme of providing free food grains till 30 September 2022, and, I thank Modi ji for this.

When we make a capsule of all this, then today the whole world has changed the way of looking at India, Narendra Modi ji has worked to increase the value of India’s passport.

Modi ji’s goal is that all the states should become ideal administrative units and Chandigarh is moving forward in a very good way in the direction of fulfilling the wish and goal of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

The way new schemes have been started in Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, I am confident that under the work culture of the Modi government, the schemes will be inaugurated in the same period and people will also start getting their benefits.

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