Indian Association of Travel and Tourism Experts-IATTE is the first ever Travel platform launching completely online

The Indian Association of Travel and Tourism Experts is the first ever Travel platform launching completely online

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The Foundation for IATTE was laid by Naveen Manchanda. He contacted  Subhash Verma to join IATTE as the Nationl Advisor and he graciously accepted it and became the important part of this forum.

Naveen Manchanda is the Founder of Tour Passion having an experience of 25 years. He has a penchant for languages with fluency in 8 languages including French, German & Italian.

Subhash Verma is an industry stalwart having a combined experience of 45 years in the Travel Trade. He has held various key positions among various Indian Travel Associations as well as Lufthansa.

It all started over random social media exchanges between Naveen Manchanda and Veena Robinson where the idea of IATTE germinated. Once it became more than an idea followed by synergy with Veena, Naveen shared the idea of bringing the various verticals of the Indian Travel Industry together with his select friends from the Travel Trade.  The online discussions commenced on 21st of March’ 2020. The discussions happened between – Naveen Manchanda, Veena Robinson, Subhash Verma, Jatin Mehta, Gaurav Khandelwal, Aanal Singh & Nischay Manchanda. Post the brainstorming, the platform started to take shape. They all agreed to the concept and IATTE was born.

The idea came from the fact that Indian Tourism professionals felt helpless due to the current situation and felt the burning need of a body which brings all the different Tourism verticals together. They all understood the need of responsible and sustainable Tourism.

The meetings started online and the number of meetings which took place till date is 91. All the meetings happened online, so no physical meeting ever happened. New Committee members were added and the total managing Committee members are now approximately 20 and growing.

For the first financial year 2020 – 2021, no fee is applicable for new memberships. Within a span of a few days, many members have joined and we expect to have 200 members at the time of launch.

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