Jehan Impex becomes the first to introduce the future of swab flocking to combat the spread of COVID-19 in India

Jehan Impex becomes the first to introduce the future of swab flocking to combat the spread of COVID-19 in India

The Voice of Chandigarh News:

India is recently holding the second position in terms of total number of cases of COVID-19. As the efforts towards recovery and ‘Unlocking’ continues, it has however become extremely crucial to arrest the spread urgently. The healthcare sector and the governments have globally joined hands together to successfully develop a vaccine but meanwhile, there are certain effective methods to combat the spread of COVID-19, one being, swab testing. Jehan Impex is one such company who took a step ahead to become the pioneer in manufacturing of the Swab Flocking machine in India.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 gained momentum in India, medical experts have been emphasizing on the importance of aggressive and timely testing for effective containment. Jehan Impex started development and innovation of existing flocking machines in March, 2020 with the sole motive of manufacturing a machine that can help to produce flocked swabs in India at a cheaper rate and better quality in comparison with the international market. The commencement of production of flocking machines played a pivotal role in bringing down the cost of the swabs to up to 1/10th of its landing cost, thereby reducing the price of the final kits, as against the kits procured from Chinese companies at a whopping cost earlier. The approximate cost of Jehan Impex machinery is 2-5 Lakhs per unit depending on the model & customization whereas the cost of imported machinery 8-12 lakhs. An estimate of 400 swabs are flocked in 20 seconds which is very promising for conducting mass tests in India. The manufacturing unit is located in Ghatkopar, Mumbai enabling accessibility of sourcing thus, catering to the need of the hour.

Flock swab marks an innovation in medical swab technology and feature perpendicular Nylon Fibres that provide optimum collection and release of the specimen samples. The flocked technology turns each strand of fiber into a velvet brush-like texture and creates hundreds of contact points for superior collection and release of solid and semi-solid specimen samples. According to the founder at Jehan Impex, Mr. Atul Mehta- Proprietor said “It took us the first 7 days of the lockdown to transform this year’s business only for the swab industry. The idea was not to just provide the flocking machine but an entire assembly with all the raw materials like, non-flock raw swab sticks, flock powder, adhesive, drying machines and more, to be a start to end solution and to ease the process for our clients.

Mr. Jehan Mehta- Head of Marketing and Business Development, added If swabs are necessary for testing, and if testing is crucial to slow the virus’s spread, then it wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that the world’s future depends on the flocked swab to a great extent. It is vital that testing should be ramped up as much as possible to provide clear picture of not only who is infected and needs to be isolated but also of what is happening and where are we heading as a nation. We are working every day with a hope that we as a nation will be able to produce an unstoppable number of swabs for the COVID-19 test kits to fight this pandemic in a densely populated county like ours.”

Jehan Impex has been providing its machinery and raw materials to key pharmaceutical companies such as HiMedia Laboratories Pvt. Ltd., Micromaster Laboratories Pvt. Ltd., Suparshva Swab (I), CML Biotech Pvt. Ltd., Bhat Biotech Pvt. Ltd., Levram Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd, etc. Mass testing is key to fight the Corona Virus in India, and Jehan Impex has delivered a highly cost-effective solution, consistent in quality, flocking machines that would now help manufactures to produce/launch the world’s most affordable and effective COVID-19 Testing Kits. 

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