Kerala News Alert: 24×7 Control Room set up at DGCA Hqrs, New Delhi to address issues due to the suspension of flight operations to /from Cochin Airport

Kerala News Alert

24×7 Control Room set up at DGCA Hqrs, New Delhi to address issues due to the suspension of flight operations to/from Cochin Airport

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A Control Room has been set up at DGCA Hqrs., New Delhi, which is being manned 24X7 since 15th August 2018 night to address issues due to the suspension of flight operations to /from Cochin airports. Scheduled flights of the domestic airlines to/from Trivandrum, Calicut airport from 16th August 2018 have been monitored through Integrated Operational Control Centre (IOCC) of the airlines.

The control room can be reached through the following DGCA personnel:

  1. Mr. A.X. Joseph, Dy. Dir.: +91-9871007874
  2. Mr. Atul Maindola, Dy. Dir.: +91-9999069074
  3. Mr. Kaushik Mukhopadhyay, Dy.Dir.: +91-8586094546
  4. Mr. Brijesh Kumar Singh, Ae.O.: +91-9717307448
  5. Mr. EkshwakuNandan Srivastava, Ae.O: +91-9990474145

The control room received the following queries from the public:

  1. Re-scheduling status of flights, which was addressed after referring to the revised schedule submitted by the airlines for 16th August 2018.
  2. High fare especially on Delhi –Trivandrum sector. Concerned airlines were advised to keep a check on the fare and cap the maximum fare on Delhi-Trivandrum sector to INR 10,000/-. Airlines have also been advised to check the fares on other flights going to Trivandrum and Calicut.

The control room has spoken to Cochin airport for the latest update on Cochin weather. It has been informed that water level inside the airport continues to rise and heavy rain is predicted till Saturday.

Due to heavy rains in Kerala, operations to/from Cochin airport have been suspended from 15-18 Aug 2018 on account of water rising in the operational area. However, Trivandrum and Calicut airports are available for scheduled operations. For international operations, both immigration and customs facilities are available 24×7 at these airports. Trivandrum airport can also accommodate wide-body aircraft.

In view of the above and to cater for the stranded passengers, scheduled domestic airlines have been advised to reschedule their flights to/from Cochin to Trivandrum and Calicut airports till such time the situation at Cochin airport returns to normal. Scheduled domestic airlines have also been advised to operate relief flights to Trivandrum/Calicut for passengers of diverted flights, who have landed at Bangalore, Coimbatore and Chennai on 15 Aug 2018 morning instead of Cochin.

All scheduled domestic airlines have been advised to ensure that airfares for flights to/from Trivandrum and Calicut airports in Kerala are kept at an optimal level proportionate to sector distance so that travelling public is not inconvenienced. Flights of foreign airlines viz. Air Arabia, Emirates, Etihad, Fly Dubai, Jazeera, Oman Air, Qatar, Saudi Airlines and Srilankan have been rescheduled for Trivandrum airport.

Foreign airlines viz. Air Asia Berhad, Gulf Air, Kuwait Airlines, Malindo, Scoot, Silk Air and Thai Air Asia have suspended their flights to/from Cochin. Passengers may also reach to the airlines at following contact numbers:

Domestic Airlines

Air India & +911149637728/+911149637693/+911149637714

Air India Express

Air Asia +918046676713

Air Vistara +919899451962

Go Air +912267420154/+912267420156

IndiGo +919560049400/+911246674040

Jet Airways +912266075545

Spicejet +911243913933

Foreign Airlines

Oman Air +919846243130/+918594013197

Saudi Arabian +914844028901

Fly Dubai +918606580717

Air Arabia +919895345000

Jazeera +919885144427

Qatar +914842611304/+914842611305/+919961439666

Emirates +919846523454

Malindo +918527266466

Air Asia Berhad +919995319187

Thai Air Asia

Scoot +919742710404

Srilankan +919847064064


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