Knowing the difference in angina pain & heart attack important; experts

Knowing the difference in angina pain & heart attack important; experts

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Once you have had a heart attack, you are at higher risk for another one. Knowing the difference between angina and a heart attack is important.”

This was stated by Dr. Arvind Kaul, consultant-interventional cardiology while addressing a health talk to mark World Heart Day at Alchemist Hospital, Panchkula on Sunday.

He said further, the pain from angina usually occurs after physical exertion and goes away in a few minutes when you rest or take medicine as directed. The pain from a heart attack usually is more severe than the pain from angina. Heart attack pain doesn’t go away when you rest or take medicine.

The symptoms of a second heart attack, Dr Kaul said that may not be the same as those of a first heart attack. Don’t take a chance if you’re in doubt. Unfortunately, most heart attack victims wait 2 hours or more after their symptoms start before they seek medical help. This delay can result in lasting heart damage or death.”

Dr Rohit Patri , consultant-interventional cardiology said that after a heart attack, you will need treatment to prevent another heart attack. Many people survive first heart attacks and live active, full lives after treatment which includes angioplasty/ bypass surgery or medicines. If you get help quickly, treatment can limit damage to your heart muscle. Less heart damage improves your chances for a better quality of life after a heart attack. There are steps you need to take for a productive life.”

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