MCC sanitized vegetable & fruit market sector 26

MCC sanitized vegetable & fruit market sector 26

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The Voice of Chandigarh News:

In order to prevent and control the spread of COVID-19 and act in accordance with the working requirements to prevent and sanitize the Vegetable & Fruit Market, Sector 26, the Municipal Corporation Chandigarh meticulously sanitized the whole market with deploying 10 mechanical sprayers.

The sanitization drive carried out under the direct supervision of K.K. Yadav, IAS, Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Chandigarh, who is looking after the charge of uninterrupted supply of essential commodities to the residents of Chandigarh including vegetables, fruits and milk products on daily basis. He was accompanied by Najuk Kumar, IAS, SDM, Tilak Raj, Additional Commissioner, Anil Kumar Garg, Additional Commissioner, Dr. Amrit Warring, MOH and other officials of MCC and police personals.

The Commissioner informed that the supply of vegetables, fruits and grocery items are being supplied to the citizens from this market through 62 CTU buses and 20 vehicles of MCC on daily basis. Therefore, it has been decided to close this market on this Monday to sanitize it properly through mechanical sweepers and sprayers besides routine manual sweeping.

He said that having fleet of 10 different vehicles with mechanical sprayer facility fitted on them have put into service to sanitize the market including Water Cannon mechanical sprayer from Chandigarh Police, two tractors fitted with mechanical sprayers donated by farmers from Punjab and Fire Fighting Vehicles of MCC.

He said that in the early morning the routine sweeping was done through mechanical sweepers and manually by the sanitation staff of MCC and after that every nook and corner has been cleaned with Fire Fighting vehicles with water besides spraying chlorine spray with the mechanical sprayers. In addition to that the Buses and vehicles deployed to supply vegetables and fruits to the citizens on daily basis have been cleaned with the water and chlorine spray.

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