New technique to treat Aneurysm now at Ivy Hospital

New technique to treat Aneurysm now at Ivy Hospital

The Voice of Chandigarh: Photos by T S Bedi

A technique, known as coiling for treatment of patients suffering from aneurysm is now available at Ivy Hospital, Mohali.

Dr Vineet Sagar, senior neurosurgeon at Ivy Hospital Mohali said that in this technique a guide wire is inserted through arteries and balloon is then filled with coils.

Recently a 55-yr woman from Ambala was successfully treated with coiling at Ivy.

Meanwhile aneurysm is caused by development of a balloon in the arteries. Bursting of this balloon or Aneurysm can cause even death of the patient. Usually treatment for this is done through clipping by surgery. But because of unfit for the surgery many patients cannot be treated through this surgery. But few years back a new technique was developed for the treatment of this disease.

Earlier this technique was used in metro cities like Delhi and Mumbai, now it is available at Mohali also asserted, Dr Saggar.

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