Paneer and Soya Paneer: Injurious to health in Punjab

Paneer and Soya Paneer: Injurious to health in Punjab

Over one thousand litres of milk containing hydrogen peroxide at Ludhiana, more than 300 kg spurious paneer at Bathinda & 1200 litre milk at Patiala , Seized

47 kg cooking medium being sold under the garb of Desi Ghee seized at Abohar

The Voice of Chandigarh: Photos by T S Bedi

Adding to the unabated haul of spurious milk and milk products is Soya Paneer, a shocking new entrant to the seizure of spurious products. In a raid by Food Safety Team Ludhiana, two whole sale paneer sellers in New Sabzi Mandi, Delhi Road, were found selling paneer at Rs. 200 per kg and sealed soya paneer without any date of manufacture or expiry. The batch number and the address of the manufacturer were also missing on the packets of Soya Paneer. Sardar Paneer House was also found selling soya champ coming from Delhi. Samples were taken and the entire stock comprising of 70 kg of paneer, 40 packets (each of half kg )of soya paneer and  20 kg soya champ was seized.

The Ludhiana food safety team also intercepted a vehicle coming from Sangrur having 1050 litres of milk. Milk vendor admitted having added hydrogen peroxide to it.

In a raid conducted early morning at around 2:15 am at Garg Chilling Center, Goniana Road, Bathinda, 315 kg of suspected paneer and 150 kg of skimmed milk powder was seized by the food safety team. Samples of Paneer, Dahi, skimmed milk powder and milk were taken and sent for analysis.

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