Play – Akabar The Great Nahin Rahe by Pierrot’s Troupe presented

Play – Akabar The Great Nahin Rahe by Pierrot’s Troupe presented

The Voice of Chandigarh News | Photo T S Bedi

Play – Akabar The Great Nahin Rahe by Pierrot’s Troupe, New Delhi, Directed by Dr. M. Sayeed Alam, Kamal Arora, Chairman, CSNA welcomed the Chief Guest Manoj Kumar Parida, I.A.S, Adviser to the Administrator, Chandigarh Administration and special guest First Lady Mrs. Alka Singh after the lighting of the lamp for the inauguration of the five days festival. distinguished guest honoured the veteran thespian Keshav Bhrata on the behalf of CSNA and honoured the artists.

Synopsis of the play is given below:-

‘Akabar The Great Nahin Rahe’

Group – Pierrot’s Troupe, New Delhi

Directed by – Dr. M. Sayeed Alam

About Play – Akbar The Great Nahin Rahe is Pierrot’s Troupe’s latest Comedy: A Hinglish Play with every comic shade – spoof, mimicry, satire and farce. What happens when Akbar’s greatness is questioned in today’s India? He finds support in heaven from Ashoka to Alexander to Atal Ji. But, to redeem his name, he needs someone on earth. Who will it be?

To elaborate, this comic take on Akbar’s Greatness introduces us to a ‘Special Area’ in heaven – LUTYEN’s SWARG — meant for kings and emperors whose people call them ‘The Great’. ‘It is discovered one day that the people of India no longer give that title to Akbar and have started seeing him as a foreign invader. Akbar sets out to reclaim his identity and redeem his name. He finds several allies in Heaven. But, he must convince the people of India, and to do that he finds an unlikely ally. Who is this ally? Will he make Akbar The Great again? The audience goes through a roller coaster of dramatic comedy as Akbar sets out on his mission.

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