Punjab Government issues advisory on maintaining hygiene & sanitization while carrying out works under MGNREGA

Punjab Government issues advisory on maintaining hygiene & sanitization while carrying out works under MGNREGA

Chandigarh, April 26:

The Punjab Government issued the advisory on maintaining the hygiene & sanitization while carrying out works under MGNREGA in the wake of COVID-19.

Giving details, an official spokesman said that the Government of Punjab has imposed severe restrictions on free movement of people in the larger public interest of controlling the spread/transmission of Corona virus through the imposition of curfew in its all 22 districts. The Government has, however, allowed essential activities, including works under MGNREGA, to continue/start with an objective to minimise the hardships. However, a meticulous compliance of the guidelines essential to prevent the spread of Corona virus shall be ensured.

He said that according to guidelines, the supervisory Sarpanch/GRS/mate shall meticulously follow the instructions with regard to the permissible works under the MGNREGA as well as with regard to the area where the work has been allowed to start. The supervisor may develop a comprehensive work-plan in a manner that he/she can alter the time of reporting for work at the work-site as well as day’s stoppage of work of MGNREGA workers in a manner that though they complete the daily work-cycle but at the same time, reporting/see off is staggered. Similarly, the work-area shall be allocated at the work site in a manner that the social distancing norm of at least 1 meter is maintained between the MGNREGA workers.

 The Spokesperson further said that MGNREGA workers having fever or other symptoms such as cough/shortness of breath shall be encouraged to stay at home and seek medical advice. MGNREGA workers shall be advised not to indulge in any handshakes or hugs to greet/see-off each other.  MGNREGA staff shall further be advised not to roam unnecessarily at the work site and to work from their allotted area/site only.

He added that all, including Sarpanch/GRS should wear cloth masks at all times. The masks shall be worn in a manner that it snugly covers the nose as well as the mouth. The cloth mask should be washed with soap and water daily after use.

Elaborating the guidelines regarding the hand washing and sanitisation, he said that the availability of water and soap in adequate quantity at the work-site to be ensured. Encourage the MGNREGA workers to wash the hands with soap for at least 40 seconds by applying the soap gently on the palm and back of the hand including web spaces between the fingers and space as well as between the finger & the thumb and the wrist wherever and whenever the opportunity to wash the hands is available. However, a two-hourly hand wash is recommended. The hands should be mandatorily washed with soap and water, as prescribed above, before starting the work and after the end of work. 

He said that a MGNREGA worker suffering from high fever/cough/sneezing/difficulty in breathing should voluntarily report the same to supervisor as well as seek immediate medical advice for timely detection and treatment.  MGNREGA workers should not share their lunches/snacks with each other in order to prevent cross-infection.

In case someone is diagnosed as COVID-19 with whom one had a contact during work, there is no need to panic. One should report to the Helpline No. 104/State Control Room No. 01722920074/08872090029, detailing the exact nature of exposure so as to assist the medical facility to undertake further necessary actions.

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