Rahul Gandhi Elected Unopposed Congress Party President


The Voice of CanadaRahul Gandhi Elected Unopposed Congress Party President

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Rahul Gandhi has become the Congress President-elect with the deadline to withdraw nomination for internal polls ending 3 pm. Rahul, may officially take charge on 16th December when his mother and longest-serving party president Sonia Gandhi will formally hand over the baton to him. Forty Seven year old Rahul would be the 5th person from the Nehru-Gandhi family to take charge of the Congress. The Congress spokesperson asserted that Rahul has earned the party’s top post, dismissing allegations that the election was a sham.

Joyous moment for the party as we celebrate the appointment of @OfficeOfRG as the President of @INCIndia . Beginning of a new, energised, positive and progressive era in the party under his leadership. #CongressPresidentRahulGandhi

Priyanka Chaturvedi (@priyankac19)




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