Raising Awareness on HIV/AIDS through Auto-Rickshaws

Raising Awareness on HIV/AIDS through Auto-Rickshaws


Chandigarh  State  AIDS Control  Society has adopted an innovative way of creating   HIV/AIDS awareness. 100 numbers of  Autos have been got fabricated with  HIV/AIDS awareness message to move around Tricity.

Dr. Vanita  Gupta, Project  Director, Chandigarh  State  AIDS Control  Society informed that this is a pilot project for raising awareness among the local city population about  HIV/AIDS modes of transmission and prevention and also creating awareness about the free services available in the field of  HIV/AIDS. We are encouraging voluntary HIV testing and also trying to create openness about the disease by speaking about it publically.  We think that this awareness campaign would be a big success and will increase the awareness level.  I request people to come forward and get themselves tested for HIV which is free and confidential. This service is available in all  Government Health Institutes. 

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