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The various Centres of Panjab University, Chandigarh comprising Human Rights & Duties, Police Administration, Social Work  and Women’s Studies & Development in a collaborative effort, organized Anubhuti Youth Program developed by Brahma Kumari’s for students aimed at facilitating them to re-discover the core intrinsic treasures of wisdom, peace, happiness and inner strength through meditation.

As part of the program a session on “Happiness – Stability in Adversity” was led  by BK Shailender and his team from Brahma Kumaris Global Peace House. A short skit “Play for Mickey” was performed by the Brahma Kumari’s team to acquaint the audience to real life challenges through stories and how to manage the stress in day to day activities. This was followed by interactive session by BK Shailendra who emphasized “Happiness should be made a Habit” and  “Appreciation is a powerful way of thinking to help us in our everyday efforts to live by our highest values and meeting Life’s challenges”.

The youth were encouraged to activate their potential through self –realisation and be a living inspiration for all. The beauty within oneself can emerge through meditation and a brief session on meditation was also conducted which could help in achieving stability in adverse circumstances faced by youth such as tackling phases of confusion , indecisiveness, over enthusiasm, uncontrolled emotions, addictions etc.

The session was well attended with the participation of around 50 students from all  the above mentioned departments.

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