Save Media Fraternity: Memorandum to PM through Governor of Punjab & Haryana to save the Fourth Pillar of Democracy

Save Media Fraternity: Memorandum to PM through Governor of Punjab & Haryana to save the Fourth Pillar of Democracy 

The Voice of Chandigarh News

Employees of various media organizations-journalists as well as non-journalists today protested against the large scale retrenchments and seeking of forcible resignations from media professionals by the managements of various media houses.

These professionals, from English, Hindi and Punjabi newspapers, besides representatives of various unions of media persons, gathered at Sector 17 Plaza, Chandigarh. Raising their demand to stop all unfair practices by the management, they demanded that managements should stop retrenching employees and save their livelihoods. 

While maintaining all physical distancing norms, necessitated because of the COVID-19 pandemic, they also sought a special economic package for the media industry from the Centre.

These professionals said that the media industry has been hit hard by the economic crisis caused by the lockdown. The Advertisement and Circulation revenue of the newspapers and magazines has gone down drastically and the Media Organizations are trying to make up their losses by laying-off and retrenching employees. These professionals demanded a relief package for only those media organizations that have not laid-off any employees.

A memorandum, listing all these demands, was signed by all professionals, and later handed over to the Governors of Punjab and Haryana, to be forwarded to the Prime Minister of India. In this memorandum, the Prime Minister has been urged to task the Labour department to immediately get in touch with the managements of all media organizations and stop them from the unfair practice of forcibly seeking resignations from employees. The managements may be asked to immediately reinstate all employees who have been forced to resign.

The Tribune Employees Union, National Union of Journalists (India), Indian Journalists Union, Punjab & Chandigarh Journalist Union, Chandigarh Punjab Union of Journalists, Chandigarh Journalists Association, Indian Express Employees Union, UNI Employees Union and many senior and veteran journalists joined the gathering.

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