School Children made aware about the ill-effects of tobacco and drugs

School Children made aware about the ill-effects of tobacco and drugs

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Children are the future of India and to stop them getting introduced to tobacco and drugs, a campaign was organized in Dwarka district in Delhi.

Police made the students of Venkateshwar International School in Sector 10 of Dwarka aware of tobacco and drug addiction. Sambandh Health Foundation, Max India Foundation and Brahmakumaris joined hands with police in this effort with police to protect children from addiction.

Mr. Anto Alphonse, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Dwarka said youth is being initiated into tobacco usage –both chewing and smoking- which leads to high incidence of oral cancer and other illnesses.  It is to be mentioned that in Delhi, 81 children are introduced to tobacco every day.

He said “By initiating this action under COTPA, we are trying to keep the youth away from tobacco addiction and also preventing non-smokers from bad effects of inhaling passive smoke. We hope this campaign will increase public awareness and help in making our educational institutes tobacco-free.”

The Cigarette and Other Tobacco Products Act (COTPA) prohibits smoking in public places, direct/indirect advertising & promotion, sale to/by minors and sale within 100 yards of schools. Police have fined more than 2500 people under COTPA for violating the Act in Dwarka in last six months.

According to Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS-2), more than 25 lakh people in Delhi use tobacco in form of smoking and chewing. More than 19,000 tobacco users die annually due to diseases attributed to tobacco.

Mr. Anil Kumar, a cancer patient interacted with the students and told them about his sufferings due to cancer.

Dr. Mudit Agarwal, oncologist surgeon and VoTV patron informed the students about the grave implication of tobacco on health.

He said “Tobacco usage causes 90% of oral cancers which leads to fatalities, major loss of quality of life, trauma and financial ruin for the family. Unfortunately, more than 50% of oral cancer victims who undergo surgery do not survive more than one year. Prevention is better than cure – the Police can contribute significantly by stepping up implementation of COPTA which will prevent the youth from tobacco addiction.”

As directed by DCP Mr. Anto Alphonse, the COTPA Enforcement drive will be conducted regularly focusing on Vendors, selling tobacco products within 100 yards of educational institutes.

Sambandh Health Foundation official said, “It’s a great initiative by DCP of Dwarka district for a social cause of protecting our young generations from addictions. Delhi Police on COTPA enforcement is also doing a commendable job. All these collaborative efforts will lead towards a positive social behaviour.”

More than 500 students, teachers and police officials were present during this campaign.

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