Self-onboarding tool ‘OYO 360’ launched

Self-onboarding tool ‘OYO 360’ launched


Global travel technology company, OYO has announced the launch of ‘OYO 360 – a self-onboarding tool’ for its prospective patrons, including small hotels, homeowners and the ex-OYO patrons who have been impacted by COVID-19 to boost their revenues and increase profits digitally. As part of its supply acquisition strategy, OYO 360 will play a critical role in the organic growth of the business, including newer self-sign ups and growing the supply infrastructure via technology.

With OYO 360, the company shall fast-track onboarding in 30 minutes against a typical 15-days process. This is a significant initiative under the tech and product roadmap for the patrons to boost their success and growth on the one hand and create a mechanism for ease of convenience and transparency. OYO 360 provides a simple two-click platform to enrol patrons on its platform and provide three types of benefits – growth benefits, partnership benefits, and OYO network benefits. Over 70% of hotel and home-owners who join OYO have never sold online. Based on internal data, OYO patrons witness 80% demand digitally on an average globally vs only 10-20% before joining the platform.

The initial performance showcases that the first 100 OYO patrons who have joined via OYO 360 are witnessing 95% online bookings which are supporting their revenue lift.

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