Senior journo’s book satirically showcases social media

Senior journo’s book satirically showcases social media

Humour book on social media furnishes funny insights into Tweeple

The Voice of Chandigarh News | Photos By T S Bedi

A book of satire on the social media, “TROLLitically Incorrect”, written by Chetna Keer, author, senior journalist, social media critic-columnist and IIMC guest panellist, was recently released by the Executive Editor, Hindustan Times, Punjab, Ramesh Vinayak, at the Chandigarh Press Club.

Vivek Atray, noted motivational speaker, author and former IAS officer, staged a tete-a-tete with the author as City Beautiful’s Literati and Glitterati kept a date with “Witerati”.

Describing the book, Mr Vinayak said that Chetna’s book is a literary milestone that reinvents her and distinguishes her in a new genre of writing – critiquing and satirising the social media. “By showcasing satirical insights into the social media through her book, Chetna indeed lives up to the meaning of her name!”

“Chetna’s sparkling style and wit, which is represented in her popular humour column ‘Witerati‘, finds full resonance in her book of satire,” he said.

In a chat with the author, Mr Atray, describing the book, said: “Chetna has a playful way with words. Her book thus has a witty narrative punctuated by puns plus Punjabi tadka, and enlivened by evocative caricatures. The book is a funny mirror of the follies and foibles of Tweeple.”

Author of a children’s book published earlier by Rupa & Co, “Veggies Go On A Beauty Parade”, Chetna’s, new humour book takes a tongue-in-cheek peek at the wackiness and warts of Tweeple.

The book wittily showcases the species of Tweeple the social media has spawned. It also satirically scrutinises trolling and several “isms” that have become so synonymous with the social media — be it selfie-ism, status update-ism, Shashisms, or Sidhuisms.

Says Chetna, “To use an allegory culled from this digital age, my book is like a selfie stick that serves as a mirror of Tweeple’s whims ‘n’ warts.” Several landmarks of City Beautiful, like the Sukhna Lake or the ‘Gehri Route’, find passing mention as pegs for Chetna’s insights into Instagram India’s idiosyncrasies.

Says Chetna, “The main narrative is punctuated by a side narrative starring a comic cast of Brats, Kool Kats, Cats & Co, who personify everyday misadventures on the social media”.

“The book is the perfect light read to take on flights or Shatabdi rides, for the travel time is when much of India Hi-flying does its reading!” she signs off.

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