Sr. Sec. Block Josephians mark the press freedom day

Sr. Sec. Block Josephians mark the press freedom day

The Voice of Chandigarh News | Photo by T S Bedi

The power of press and media is that it fervours necessary changes. In accordance to the same spirit the world press freedom day which is annually observed on May 3rd was commemorated by Senior Secondary students at St. Joseph’s. The students emphasised on the value of Press in today’s era as it has emerged as a powerful entity controlling the mind of masses.

The students participated in talk show and debate organised in the school premises. Most of them opined that, with new and rapid technological advancements in medicine, engineering, business and other fields it is significant to portray the world without any filters by the free press. Liberated press is the greatest gift given to us in the form of newspapers, news shows and radio broadcast.

Few students mooted at the role the press and news channels being politically biased and social media being responsible for rejuvenating political protest.

The debaters’ who bagged the limelight were Aastha for being an expressionist, Priyal and Ayushi for being most informative and Aditya Jotshi for excelling at rebuttal.

The Judges and the principal Mrs. Monica Chawla did not only congratulate the participants and the winners but also encouraged the students to walk on the righteous path and serve  the nation.

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