St. Joseph’s organized a lemonade making activity

St. Joseph’s organized a lemonade making activity

The Voice of Chandigarh News: : Photo T S Bedi

To beat the heat in hot summers, the Kindergarten Block of St. Joseph’s Sr. Secondary School, Sector 44 D, Chandigarh organized a lemonade making activity.

This activity was held to get relief from warm weather by consuming lemonade. The teachers demonstrated the children the procedure of lemonade making by stirring sugar in the water and then squeezing lemon into it. The flavor was garnished by adding salt and black pepper. After that, delicious and healthy drink was served to all the children. They loved watching the whole process. It provided an opportunity to awaken the senses of curious minds to differentiate between sweet, salty and sour taste. They were encouraged to take healthy drinks in place of aerated drinks and canned beverages available in the market which contain harmful chemicals.

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