TAAI Appeals Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Civil Aviation to Open Tourism & Boost Economy

The Voice of Chandigarh | Travel Trade Reporter

TAAI thanked the Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Civil Aviation for meeting its President, Mrs. Jyoti Mayal recently to discuss matters of concern with regards to Civil Aviation and Tourism.

The dynamism, patience and perseverance showed by our leaders, has helped India in curtailing the crisis of the pandemic to a certain extent. We are grateful to MOT & MOCA for considering our suggestion to ensure the RT-PCR tests are undertaken within 72 hours of departure said Jyoti Mayal.

Over 7 months have passed and this is the right time that we should ensure that the economy starts to revive. As a progressive nation, we are confident that under the able leaderships we could return back to the pre-covid numbers by March 2021, if we commence our ascend now. Jyoti quoted that we have always discussed and suggested to the Government on the basis of our practical experiences over the years and considering all parameters of safety, security and overall economic development.

We further suggest and appeal as under:

1. Open up Tourist visas for foreigners to Visit India: Travellers from many countries have commenced their holiday planning to many countries. Months from December to March are the ideal months when maximum foreigners come to India. This is the right time for us to target and open up tourist visas across all our source markets for inbound to India. With most protocols and SoPs in place, we have seen that stakeholders in the Hospitality and Tourism sector are ready to ensure and provide safety for all tourists.

2. RT-PCR tests should be made mandatory for all arriving passengers with no quarantine across all international airports in India.

3. Since many airports handling international arrivals are on the PPP model, the Government and the Airport partner should absorb the costs of the RT-PCR tests and waive the same for the traveller. Thereby this shall not only entice more tourists but shall also ensure adequate safety precautions betaken and monitored. 

4. Travellers undertaking RT-PCR tests on Indian Airportsmust be provided with meals, comfortable seating/resting facilities/Wi-Fi. Being the first point of entry to Incredible India, this shall reflect our ideologies in the practice of “Atithi Devo Bhava”.

5. Under your able directions Indians can travel to any country that permits our nationals under reciprocal visa arrangements. However, it has been observed that flights to many countries which permit Indian travellers have not commenced under Air Bubble Agreements or the VBM. We would therefore urge that travel from/to many countries that are not a part of the Air Bubble or VBM must be allowed on via flights for passage through countries, where the said agreements are in place with India. Not only the underserviced sectors but destinations that are safe and are ensuring adequate safety and precautions like India shall assist in the bi-lateral promotion of trade, commerce and tourism.

6. Health/ Medical Travel Insurance should be made mandatory for all inbound and outbound travellers for their entire duration of stay. For detailed understanding/clarity on any of the above suggestions, kindly feel free to connect with us so that we can explain the advantages of fast-tracking revival in the Tourism and Hospitality Sector in India with all safety and health protocols. We also request that a task force be set up which shall follow up on our joint initiatives with the Government towards the Aviation and tourism Sectors with the states and all stakeholders We request you to kindly consider the same on an immediate basis and oblige.

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