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Kaustav Kochhar, 16 yrs old student of Class 12th of Vivek High School, Chandigarh comes out to help the underprivileged to fight with COVID-19.

As the Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 has become a global concern and The World Health Organization has declared the new coronavirus a pandemic, suggesting the disease is spreading across the globe it is creating fear, panic & confusion amongst people. Though the governments are doing their bit to contain the virus from spreading he feels that it will take some time for the situation to come under control.

Kaustav has been following the news & updates very diligently and his concern for the underprivileged people who do not have direct access to technology made him decide on taking it upon himself to get out on to the field and help people become more aware to battle this problem.

Kaustav was worried & concerned about the effect that it would have on the underprivileged lot as they barely manage to make their daily ends meet and if infected with the virus will deprive them of their daily wages.

He felt that it was, therefore, essential to educate them at the grassroots level and also provide them with basics like masks which he realized were out of stock in all nearby chemists or being sold at exorbitant prices where available. He took the onus of this task upon himself. As one-time use masks would not suit the purpose he designed the masks and got reusable masks made from a local Tailor using breathable cotton fabric which he sourced from the market. The masks were then handed over to the concerned person from the NGO SAMARPAN Chandigarh to distribute to the children in the slums along with hand sanitizers, soaps and food articles. Kaustav said this is just the start of his effort.

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