Thailand welcomes you home, with no closets!

Thailand welcomes you home, with no closets!

We travel the world wandering from place to place only to find a spot that you can finally call home. A place where you are loved and welcomed with numerous hugs and zero judgements. A place where you feel is your true belonging; somewhere you have the freedom to be who you are like it’s no one’s business. Mostly these ‘places’ are not just locations or spots; they are just corners with someone you love the most and everything around just seems even more beautiful than otherwise. Thailand has been one country to have welcomed tourists from across the world who have different tastes and preferences but there’s always something for everyone. It is one such country which celebrates love and companionship and also wholeheartedly embraces all colours of the pride flag.

The people residing in the ‘Land of Smiles’ takes inspiration from nature and believes that whichever part of the pride flag one may identify with, all of our hearts bleed the colour of love, red. The country is ranked one of the top ten safest countries for the members of the LGBTQIA+ communities owing to their openness in welcoming people of different nationalities as well as orientations. Alongside safety, the warmth and inclusiveness are also key factors that make Thailand a desired destination for a lot of members of the community. To ensure seamless communication, is a website dedicated to sharing updates about relevant events and information across the country for visitors.

The gorgeous landscape, the pristine beaches and even the glistening night life of Thailand offers a wide variety of options to find one’s corners with loved ones and experience the feeling of home away from home. Owing to Thailand’s beautiful natural canvas, it is also ideal for destination weddings and honeymoons for couples seeking an intimate space to embark on new journeys, irrespective of their communities.

This pride month was observed with a lot of isolation and distancing which made us realise the true value of love and acceptance for one another. Although the world has experienced several pandemics, through all dystopia and ‘new normal’s love never went out of style. Thus, whenever travel resumes, Thailand will be waiting to welcome you home where there’s only room for loved ones and closets only for your shopping! 

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