The Heart of India Pulsates with Rhythm for Innovations in Tourism

The Heart of India Pulsates with Rhythm for Innovations in Tourism

The Voice of Chandigarh News | Travel Trade Reporter
By H.C.Gera (Special Correspondent)

Madhya Pradesh is popularly known as the heart of (incredible) India where the options and opportunities in the tourism sector are multifold. The enchanting topography and the diversity decorate the entire area of the state in such a way that it presents a panoramic view for attracting the tourists magnetically. From wonderful art & craft to music & dance, heritage and flora & fauna every aspect of the tourism is full of surprises which run beyond the imagination of the tourists visiting the state.

The heart of India pulsates with rhythm when we talk of ancient medieval structures may it be the erotic temples of Khajuraho, forts & palaces of Gwalior, engraved buildings of Orchha take you to the newer heights offering a feast to eyes.  Sanchi and Bhimbetka World heritage sites have occupied a special place in the heart witch reverberates the rhythm beautifully.

The spiritual connection with the revered temples of Ujjain leave you spellbound when one suddenly realizes the importance of religion, tradition, and rituals leading to the path of ‘Moksha’, the feeling of liberation, detachment and freedom from the worries of the world. In nutshell, Madhya Pradesh has much more to offer to the tourists to explore the unexplored areas.

The Voice of Chandigarh while interacting with Mr. Hari Ranjan Rao, IAS, Principal Secretary to CM, Tourism & Revenue & Public Service Management, Commissioner Tourism & Managing Director, Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board shared that “We hope that this Madhya Pradesh Tourism Mart shall pave way for many important issues relating to the tourism sector which will prove boon for the investors”

While talking to media persons the Managing Director Tourism Board said: “The innovations done in tourism segment include city walks, Hanuwantiya water festival,  quiz programme on tourism and many other activities are on priority agenda of Madhya Pradesh tourism.”

Enthusiastically shared another milestone by Mr. Rao was that MP has been awarded 10 national awards for tourism. ‘Hall of Fame’ is another award which is another feather in the cap of Madhya Pradesh Tourism.

The other issues which were taken up by The Voice of Chandigarh included steps taken by the Madhya Pradesh for all the National Parks regarding the safety of Tigers and other wild animals keeping in view of the sudden death of 21 lions in Gir Forest National Park and wildlife sanctuary in Gujarat.  Mr. Rao assured about the adequate steps taken by M.P. Government to keep the Tigers in good health conditions through a constant health monitoring of Tigers in all the national parks. The responsible tourism and irresponsible tourism and tourism and impact on the environment were widely discussed by the media during the conference.

The FAM trips were excellently managed by MP Tourism in different areas by designating a particular tour code.  Two officers were attached with each FAM tour who efficiently handled the tour from accommodation to transportation of the FAM guests at suitable places. Being FAM Code Tour 5, the journey to Panchmarhi was though arduous due to long traffic jam the route was diverted and we reached at 1 am past midnight.

Panchmarhi located in Satpura hills is dotted with dense forests and a rich treasure of wildlife. Routine excursions to nearby Pandav Caves were exciting. However, Jata Shankar Temple down below about 2 Kms presented the natural scenario. This temple is considered the most revered place in Panchmarhi. Unfortunately, the route of the entire area of the temple was encroached by unscrupulous medicine and other items sellers who have pitched tents and spoiled the landscape of heritage site. The Bee Fall area was enchanting truly checking the physical fitness venturing to go down. I enjoyed being down to 400 meters and witnessing the bee fall from about 35 meters above the rocks and spreading freshness all around. Biason Lodge interpretation center and Biason lodge museum were quite informative.

Dhoopgarh visit provided us with an opportunity to view Sunset in the area. Dhoopgarh is considered the highest point in Central Madhya Pradesh and is located at 1352 mts in Panchmarhi Hills. The hills look like a fort from the distance in a natural order. It is said that sunlight remains for the maximum period that is why it is called Dhoopgarh. The sunset point is well-maintained area and the tourists can view both Sunrise and Sunset at this area. The stay at Hotel Highlands in Panchmarhi was comfortable but needed maintenance on several accounts.


Pench Tiger Reserves Forest visit was the culminating point for the FAM trip members. A total area of 1921 sq km of Pench tiger reserves constitutes 60% of Madhya Pradesh and rest in Maharashtra. The FAM trip members were lodged in different places. We were contented for being accommodated in Kipling’s Court the oldest resort in Pench belonging to Madhya Pradesh Tourism.

Ready for the jungle safari, we all adjusted in designated jeeps and proceeded to Pench Tiger Reserves for sighting tigers and other wild animals in natural habitat.  This is the major protected area of Madhya Pradesh in Satpura- Maikal ranges in the central highlands. The guide took us for a particular route hoping for the sighting of Tigers.

To our great joy, someone silently gave an indication about the movement of “Langari Tigress’ in the area. We moved slowly ahead and had a full sighting of the tigress walking majestically on the central path near our jeep, posing for photographs. Silently she moved in thick jungle and finally disappeared. One of our FAM members jumped out of joy claiming to be kind of victory to have sighted the most beautiful wildlife queen of Pench Tiger Reserves. Perhaps this was the most memorable moments for all of us and we all will continue sharing this wonderful visit.


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