The lone Green crusader of Mohali

The lone Green crusader of Mohali

“I cannot see the wilting of Plants,”  Says Tilakraj Banka (Industrialist &Environmentalist)

The Voice of Chandigarh News

By H.C.Gera (Special Correspondent)

Before I write about the green crusader of Mohali I am reminded of the quote by Gza( American Rapper) “I am always touching plants and vibing with them.” Perhaps this befits well about Mr. Tilakraj Banka who has spent years in planting the plants in Mohali, protecting and nurturing with great passion and unmatched zeal.

Recently Tilakraj Banka was honored by Capt. Amarinder Singh, Chief Minister of Punjab along with other industrialists who contributed for protection & preservation of the environment by managing & treating the industrial effluents as per effluent guidelines so as to check industrial pollution.

But Tilakraj Banka, unlike other industrialists, has done something entirely different by planting trees in Mohali and even other places exclusively at his own expenses. One can find him in scorching heat in his vehicle fitted with 1000 liters water tank with a pipe and stopping at every place wherever he has planted plants or even by government and watering them. His services might have gone unnoticed but without bothering about that he continued with his passion till the plants are survived and back to their normal health.

While talking to the team of The Voice of Chandigarh Tilakraj Banka shared his experiences and love for planting the plant. With full sentiments and emotions for the plants and trees, Mr. Banka says “I cannot see the wilting of the plants; it hurts me”.

He narrated his story about how he developed interest in planting plants & trees. He along with a group of friends usually morning walkers used to go for morning walk along the bridge area behind the Cricket Stadium in phase 9, Mohali. His friends were not willing to have a morning walk in that area because of the stink and foul smell coming from the Nalla area. That was the day when he decided to find out the reason for the stink. It was really difficult to tolerate for an environmentalist like Mr. Banka to see the pathetic condition of the Nalla running under the bridge around the residential areas of the locality. He found that the water was stagnated at several places dotted with house hold waste and garbage dumped in the entire stretch of Nalla responsible for emitting out the foul smell. He immediately arranged for JCB and got cleared the Nalla by making suitable gradient for the free flow of water. For this noble cause, he never sought financial help from his friends or even from the government. It took about one month that the Nalla was made totally clean without the stink. The next step was to plant the trees on both the sides of Nalla to give a greener look.

He planted trees with tree guards fixed around the plants and saplings for making the entire area stinking free and totally green. His morning walker friends were astonished to see the ‘magical green change’ of the landscape of the area and started appreciating the efforts done by him. The residents of the area around were persuaded not to dump garbage and other waste material in the Nalla so as to keep the area clean & green.

“I am really satisfied that whatever I could give back to the society and will continue to do the same in future also” shared Mr. Banka with a spark in his eyes.

Good deeds are never hidden even if someone tries to hide. So is the case of this green crusader of Mohali. He shared his story and love for planting trees which was aired on All India Radio Chandigarh in a programme titled ‘Sham Suhani’. The Programme was received so well that his friends and relatives started pouring at his residence for congratulating him for his noble cause to make Mohali green through his tireless efforts to protect and preserve the environment.

My concluding remarks from Evo Morales would be “Sooner or later, we will have to recognise that Earth has rights, too, to live without pollution. What mankind must know that human beings cannot live without mother earth but the planet can live without humans”

Best wishes from The Voice of Chandigarh to the lone green crusader of Mohali. Tri-city needs more such crusaders like Tilakraj Banka.

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